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Customer success software that helps you build relationships that last.

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ClientSuccess is a customer success software platform that helps executives and their customer success teams retain and grow their existing customer base.

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Building Relationships that Last

Our mission is to help you build relationships that last™. We believe that SaaS is more than software and service. It’s about building relationships around value. We know that recurring revenue requires recurring value along the customer journey. That’s what our customer success platform helps you do—deliver the right value at the right time to the right customer.

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Used by Industry Leaders

Ted Ruscitti
Chief Customer Officer

“ClientSuccess brings real-time visibility about client health to our customer success and account management teams. This visibility helps me communicate to the executive team where we stand on risks and opportunities for growth. ClientSuccess helps us focus the right resources at the right time."

Christian Kuehne
Director of Customer Success

“ClientSuccess has helped us streamline our customer lifecycle management and has provided us with the ability to build customized health scores to objectively judge each account. ClientSuccess has allowed me to quickly assign tasks to my team and see the engagement and health associated with each account.”

Jesse Brightman
Head of Customer Success

“If you are looking to scale your customer success efforts and consolidate your customer success operations into one platform, it would be hard to beat the functionality of ClientSuccess because of the SuccessCycles (lifecycle management) functionality, along with the Salesforce integration.”

The Source of Truth for Customer Success

ClientSuccess helps you and your customer success teams deliver the source of truth for customer success SaaS subscriptions and revenue.

Real-Time Visibility

ClientSuccess helps you and your teams deliver real-time visibility into SaaS subscriptions and revenue like MRR and ARR from one platform—no more disparate systems or double entry. Your executive team will have an accurate picture of customer subscription revenue and risks.

Who, When, Why

ClientSuccess gives your team real-time alerts and insights into who to talk to, when to talk, and why so you can deliver a proactive approach to retain customers. With real-time alerts, trends, and reports around your entire portfolio and customer segments—you’ll eliminate surprises.

All in One Place

ClientSuccess places all customer data and insights in one place. We give you all the tools to proactively track, manage, forecast, and book SaaS subscriptions and revenue from one system—even better it syncs seamlessly with Salesforce to make your sales team happy.

Know Customer Health & Much More

SuccessScore ClientSuccess health score app

Know Customer Health & Much More

ClientSuccess SuccessScore™ helps you build out predictable and weighted scores based on metric groups that matter to you. SuccessScore allows your organization to report on customer health or any configured score through a consistent approach that delivers alignment and visibility to your entire organization.

Optimize the Customer Journey

Powerful Customer Lifecycle Management

ClientSuccess SuccessCycle™ provides you the framework to define, manage, and measure success throughout the entire customer journey (lifecycle). Leverage best practice methodologies for onboarding, deployment, adoption, growth, and renewal, or customize your own methodology with key activities, goals and milestones that are specific to your product or service.

Know Your Game Plan

Know Your Game Plan

ClientSuccess Insights™ are delivered to your team in real-time and to their email inbox each morning as a daily digest. Your team starts each day with a clear game plan and actionable insights.

All Communication in One Place

Engagement Management that Drives Customer Health

With ClientSuccess Engagement™ your team has one place to track every email, phone call, and meeting. Our Gmail and Office 365 email integrations capture every email. You’ll have visibility into the last conversation and context to understand the real story. Your team will know how to foster relationships with the right people at the right frequency.

Know When Product Usage Slips

Know When Product Usage Slips

With ClientSuccess Usage™, your team will have insights into how customers are engaging with your product. You can set up product usage tracking and alerts to know the moment your customers are slipping with product usage. These product usage alerts will help your team know who needs extra help the minute they need it. You’ll eliminate surprises around product usage.

Make the Right Decisions

Reports & Dashboard to Know the Real Story

We give you and your teams real-time visibility into the health of your subscription revenue, customer health, risk factors, trends, and other key indicators that help you make the right decisions to remove roadblocks and grow your customer base. No more spreadsheets and late night number crunching.

Deliver Customer Success at Scale

Give Your Team the Right Tools to Deliver Customer Success.


All conversations in one place. Foster relationships with the right people and the right frequency. Plus, no more BCC or cut-n-paste with our Gmail and Office 365 integration.

Subscription Management

Manage subscriptions, renewals, and expansion revenue and metrics in one place. Deliver the customer success source of truth with the Salesforce automatic Subscription sync.

Alerts & Actions

Our advanced algorithm helps your team talk to the right customers at the right times so you can deliver proactive customer success at scale and grow your existing customer base.


Pulse helps you answer why. With a simple, regular note from the team, this key metric helps round out the ClientSuccess SuccessScore™ with a personal perspective on customer health.


We help your teams keep track of key contacts, users, and executive sponsors within organizations, and how often you’ve engaged. Plus contacts sync with Salesforce.


Define, manage, and measure your methodology for driving success throughout the lifecycle. Leverage industry best practices or customize to your product and team’s unique approach.


Know what to do and when to do it. Never forget to follow up, schedule a meeting, or deliver on a meeting commitment. Ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Support View

ClientSuccess Support View™ integrates with the most popular customer support tools to let you know immediately when your customers reach out for help and follow it through to resolution.


Want to measure strategic goals and scores? Create a customized scorecard and track your progress for each customer. Provide visibility into your scores and areas to improve.

Email Automation icon

Email Automation

Standardize and automate email communication to targeted customer segments along their customer journey in ClientSuccess. Deliver the right communication at the right time.


Now you can know who is using your product and how engaged they are. With ClientSuccess Usage™ you’ll have immediate visibility into product usage for each of your customers.

SuccessScore icon


ClientSuccess SuccessScore helps you build out predictable and weighted scores based on metric groups that matter to you. Understand customer health and much more.

All Customer Data in One Place

Integrate Your Favorite Software

ClientSuccess integrates with the most popular CRM, support, and communication platforms—with more becoming available each week. The more you connect, the better it gets. We also provide a world-class API to help you leverage current customer systems and data. Get ready to leverage all you customer data at scale.

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