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ClientSuccess™ is revolutionizing the way SaaS companies proactively manage, retain, and grow their existing customer base. We deliver a holistic, personal approach to managing success throughout the customer lifecycle. Our customer success management platform provides actionable insights, rich customer analytics, and best practices that will help you maximize the lifetime value of your customers.

ClientSuccess is a simple—yet sophisticated—solution that both the front-line CSMs and the Executive team will love. For the CSMs, we bring together the tools, best practices, insights and analytics they need to proactively manage their customers. For the Executives, we deliver the deep analytics, metric and reports to provide a comprehensive view of the health of their SaaS business. Our clients love to use our solution. Every day, all day.

The holistic health score

The holistic health score

Sure, you could cobble together various data sources and assign arbitrary red, yellow, green values in a spreadsheet, but there’s a better way. With a six-point scale and library of reason codes, you’ll always have a snapshot of customer health including details of which customers need your attention.

Complete lifecycle management

Our SuccessCycle™ app provides the framework to define, manage, and measure success throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Leverage best practice methodologies for onboarding, deployment, adoption, growth, and renewal, or customize your own methodology with key activities, goals and milestones that are specific to your ideal customer engagement model.

Insights to Action
A prescriptive personal plan

Insights to Action

Our advanced algorithms will monitor the health of each customer and provide intelligent, prescriptive guidance for managing customer relationships. Whether raising a warning alert before an issue becomes a fire drill or identifying opportunities for expansion and growth, the actionable insights will help you stay on top of each customer more effectively and not let anything fall through the cracks.

Beautiful reports for all

While our goal is to help you focus on each customer individually, you still need to step back and monitor the overall health of your business. Monitor trends and key SaaS metrics in real time with powerful analytics. No more spreadsheets and late night number crunching.

An app for that, and that, and that


A seamless, visual timeline for optimizing customer engagement. Foster relationships with the right people and the right frequency. Plus, no more BCC or cut-n-paste with our Gmail integration.


Renewal management allows you to track customer subscriptions. It provides complete flexibility to manage even the most complex contract—including multiple subscriptions and product groupings.

Alerts & Actions

Our advanced algorithm and behavior engine will monitor the health of each customer to help you proactively mitigate risk or identify opportunities for expansion and growth.


Pulse helps answer why. With a simple, regular note from the team, this key metric helps round out the SuccessScore™ with a personal perspective on customer health.


We’ll help you keep track of key contacts, users, and executive sponsors within the organization, and most importantly, how often you have engaged with each personally.


Define, manage and measure your methodology for driving success throughout the lifecycle. Leverage industry best practices or customize to your product and team’s unique approach.


Never forget to follow up, schedule a meeting, or deliver a contract again. Organize and manage your action items specific to each customer and ensure everything gets done.

Support View

Our Support View app integrates with the most popular customer support tools to let you know immediately when your customers reach out for help so you can monitor progress through resolution.


Want to measure strategic goals and milestones? Create a customized Scorecard to track your progress for each customer and have clear visibility into your success metrics and area to improve.


Now you can know who is using your product and how engaged they are. With our usage app you’ll have immediate visibility into key events for each of your customers.

Connections in all the right places

Need to connect? We have you covered. ClientSuccess integrates with the most popular CRM, Support, Social, and communication platforms—with more becoming available each week. The more you connect, the better it gets.

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A few of our amazing customers

Brian Zurcher
Customer Success Management

“I have greatly enjoyed using ClientSuccess. It has been a great asset to us as we've built out our Customer Success strategies. I really enjoy the simplicity and ease of use… the Gmail integration was a big step forward in efficiency that has been greatly appreciated. The strong reporting gives great insight at a quick glance."

Chris Hecklinger
Director of Client Success

“ClientSuccess reduces a lot of manual reporting and makes it easy for our CS team to manage clients, ensure renewals, measure engagement, and monitor customer green zone status. The Zendesk and Gmail integrations make the CS tool our one-stop-shop for seeing the overall activity and wellness of our customers.”

Kelly Crestani
Director of Lender Relations

“We were using one of your competitors prior and… it was simply painful. ClientSuccess is so easy to use and I have twice the visibility with a simple click than I did before. I would venture to say that it has saved my team 2-2.5 hours daily per user and has allowed me to have transparency into my team saving me hours a day as well.”

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