Simply Powerful Customer Journey Management. Only with ClientSuccess

Proactively map out the ideal customer journey. ClientSuccess will help you and your customers stay on track.

Explore the dynamic Customer Journey capabilities of ClientSuccess, driving exceptional outcomes throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle

Streamlined Onboarding

Effortlessly guide customers through onboarding stages, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation process.

Collaborative Task Management

Foster teamwork by assigning and tracking tasks, ensuring no customer interaction falls through the cracks.

Proactive Engagement

Seamlessly engage with customers at critical touchpoints, building strong relationships and boosting retention rates.


Utilize insights gathered throughout the customer journey to identify growth opportunities and optimize strategies for sustained success


SuccessCycles are a comprehensive solution designed to maximize customer success throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Simplify onboarding and adoption processes to ensure a smooth and successful implementation

Proactively engage with customers through personalized touch-points to nurture relationships and drive retention

Leverage data and insights to identify growth opportunities and provide exceptional customer experiences at scale


The ClientSuccess Goals feature empowers businesses with a robust and intuitive solution to drive customer success. Set, track, and achieve your customer success objectives with ease using the Goals feature's powerful capabilities.

Seamlessly create and manage customer success goals to align teams and initiatives

Track progress and performance in real-time, ensuring you stay on top of your customer success targets

Leverage data-driven insights to make informed decisions and optimize strategies for better outcomes

Lifecycle Automation

Automation rules empower businesses to automate communications and remove friction from customer success workflows to help your business move even faster.

Set up automated renewal alerts and triggers, ensuring no renewal opportunities are missed

Access enhanced reports and analytics to gain insights into renewal patterns and optimize renewal strategies

Streamline renewal workflows, enabling seamless collaboration between teams and delivering exceptional customer experiences

Collaborative Task Management

ClientSuccess's Collaboration feature empowers teams to work seamlessly together, fostering productive and streamlined customer success efforts.

Assign and manage tasks collaboratively, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks

Facilitate real-time communication and feedback among team members for efficient problem-solving and knowledge sharing.

Enhance transparency and accountability in customer success workflows, leading to improved customer outcomes

Expore Other ClientSuccess Products

Our Insights & Analyitcs provides the easiest, most powerful features to enable your organization’s customer success faster than any other solution.

Our groundbreaking AI-driven solutions are designed to empower CSMs and executives with data-driven insights, optimized workflows, prescriptive recommendations, and intelligent actions.

Center your team and customers around repeatable onboarding processes that consistently deliver results, faster.

Insights & Analyics Help The Whole Organization

Empower your success with a comprehensive platform that provides the tools, insights, and capabilities to optimize customer interactions and drive exceptional outcomes

Access a robust platform, offering valuable insights, streamlined workflows, and data-driven decision-making tools to enhance sales strategies, product development, and overall business growth

Utilize a comprehensive platform that prioritizes data privacy, compliance, and smooth operations, while equipping you with valuable insights and tools to optimize customer success and safeguard sensitive information effectively

See what customers are saying

Felipe Cuadra
CXO & Co-founder  at Rankmi

"With CS we have created one source of truth for everything customer-related. Every agent in our organization is now more connected, and able to jump in at any point. This has created a much more robust and resilient operations team."

Jean Marie S.
Director of Customer Success (G2 Review)

"ClientSuccess is easy to implement, does snot require an administrator, and is easy to understand. It is robust enough to serve all our needs but no so overwhelming that we don't understand it."

Michael Bojanski
Director of CS Operations & Support at Learn to Win

"As the downstream party for customer data, ClientSuccess has integrated perfectly with our entire tech stack and enables CSMs to have a one-stop-shop for customer information"
"We love the detailed reporting on customers from kickoff to renewal. As a CS leader, I constantly inform my decisions by the data I see in ClientSuccess."

Jen Williams
SVP, Customer Success at Shiphero

"ClientSuccess is a user-friendly platform. Our partnership with ClientSuccess and ShipHero has been exceptional. Our CSM has educated our team on how to use the platform while implementing customer success best practices. It has been a pleasure working with the executive team on our Customer Success strategy. ClientSuccess genuinely cares about the success of our business."

Simon C.
Manager of Client Success (G2 Review)

"ClientSuccess has the right balance of features combined with ease of use, and have excellent expertise from a customer success perspective. The tool is powerful yet still remains lightweight, and covers all the major bases needed in a Success Tool"

Christian Kuehne
EVP of Athletic Organizations at GamePlan

"ClientSuccess has been a huge help for our company as we have grown and scaled our Customer Success efforts over these last years. Being able to customize the software to the way we want to engage and evaluate customers has been a tremendous help to our CSMs and our executive team."

Katie G.
Salesforce Administrator (G2 Review)

"I'm a Salesforce Administrator who implemented the integration with our org and I like how simplistic they make everything and the prompt and thorough support they provide"

Sam S.
(G2 Review)

"We were up and running in a few short weeks, with CSMs realizing time savings and better account management almost immediately... Beyond having a dedicated CSM (who I can reach at any time), the executive team meets with me periodically to hear my feedback"

Jim J.
(G2 Review)

"The implementation was super-easy. Setting up our health score (SuccessScores) and playbooks (SuccessCycles) was a very easy process. It's also been very quick and easy to modify and tweak as we learn...[a] huge value to our company"

Bruna R.
(G2 Review)

"Really like that the system is simple, intuitive and efficient. Especially filters to organize customers help a lot in the daily routine. In addition, the look of the platform is very organized and pleasant. I confess that after you get used to using the tool, the competitors seem strange."

ClientSuccess integrates with the most popular CRM, support, and communication platforms to leverage all your customer data at scale.  The more you connect, the better you get at managing your customer success.

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