Constellation HomeBuilder Systems: Creating a unified customer view

Who is Constellation HomeBuilder Systems?

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is a leading construction management software for services, homebuilders, developers and other trades.

What challenges did Constellation have before adopting ClientSuccess?

Data spread across various internal systems became a pain point too large to manage within Dale Oviatt's team (Dir. of Customer Success). This pain started to heavily manifest itself in the hours they would spend manually gathering key customer information leading up to critical meetings.

Dale and his team knew they needed to find way to centralize all key account information in one spot, thus giving his team back hours each week.

Why did Constellation choose ClientSuccess over other solutions?

"I quickly shortlisted ClientSuccess because it was the most easy-to-use, intuitive and attractive system out there"

-Dale Oviatt, Director of Customer Success @ Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

Dale and his team knew they needed to win back time and ditch the manual efforts. Like many growing companies, they didn't have all the time in the world to deal with complex setups, integrations and training. Through their due diligence and comparison to other tools, ClientSuccess stood out as the easiest to use and fastest to implement.

How quickly did Constellation experience value on ClientSuccess?

The value of ClientSuccess became very apparent to Dale and his team when they turned on the integration with Salesforce during their implementation. Immediately, they could see important account information from Salesforce flowing in real-time to customer pages in ClientSuccess. This integration was one of many features that helped Constellation become more effective in their day-to-day customer work.

What ClientSuccess feature does Constellation find most useful?

The ClientSuccess Pulse score stood out as one of the winners for Constellation's customer success team. This feature gave CSMs real-time ability to update customer sentiment and broadcast across the organization. These pulses have helped them spot churn risks before its too late and also share key customer wins with the broader team.

Including customer Pulse scores with usage data has given Constellation HomeBuilder's team an accurate and proactive view into the health of the customer base.