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Recorded Customer Success Webinar
Pipeline Management for Customer Success

Pipeline management” has been around forever in the sales world but in many cases, it’s new to the customer success (CS) world. However as more and more CS teams take on revenue responsibility, whether for renewals or expansion, it is finally time for those CS teams to learn the finer details of pipeline management.  During this webinar with Kristen Hayer, CEO of The Success League, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about “Pipeline Management for Customer Success”.

Some of the pipeline details you’l learn are:

  • How pipeline management gives you more predictability into your business
  • Using pipeline stages to accurately forecast revenue
  • Coaching your team to grow revenue using pipeline details
  • How to leverage customer success platforms and/or CRMs to manage pipelines
  • Creating pipeline reports and aligning your team around them.

And much more!

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