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Recorded Customer Success Webinar

In this webinar, the team at Weave is going to walk us through how they bring together “Return on Investment” & “Return on Effort” to drive customer retention and growth. Reserve your seat so you can hear Dave Blake, Founder/CEO of ClientSuccess dig in with two awesome guests: Bobby Cooper, Sr Director of Customer Success at Weave and Johny Wudel: VP of Product at Weave.

Date Held: Thursday, February 6, 2020 at 12:00 PM, Mountain Time

In this webinar we’ll dig into topics like:

  • Why you should think about having a “Return on Investment” & a “Return on Effort” game plan in your company.
  • How you can bring together your customer success & product teams to drive more alignment.
  • How thinking ROI & ROE can help you drive better adoption of your product across your customer’s teams.
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