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Recorded Customer Success Webinar

Has your customer success team become an ‘everything department’? 

Many SaaS companies are still figuring out what their customer success team should own. Oftentimes this results in customer success ‘owning’ everything that your product, sales, support, and marketing teams don’t want to ‘own’.

This is like telling the person at the end of a car production line to build a vehicle that does the following:

  • Meets the customer’s needs
  • Is delivered on time
  • Teaches the customer to drive
  • Fixes any defects
  • Convinces the customer to buy another car next year!

Join us for a detailed discussion with Rav Dhaliwal, Partner at Crane Ventures and Dave Blake, CEO of ClientSuccess.  We’ll start on Thursday, Jan 28th at 3:30pm UK Time / 10:30am Eastern time.

You’ll learn things like:

  • How to identify whether you have an ‘everything department’. Hint: it’s not a good thing 
  • How to fix your ‘everything department’

And much MUCH more!

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