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Lesson #1
How to Design Your Customer Journey

Whether you have had your Customer Journey up and running for years or you are just thinking through how to create one, this session is for you. Kristi will share her process around journey ideation, creation and execution to create an outside in guide to support her customers in achieving their business objectives.

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Lesson #2
Moving to a Partnership Kickoff Framework

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression, so make it count. Over the past few years we’ve observed that many SaaS companies jump from the sales process directly to the onboarding stage and miss a huge opportunity to align with their customers on their expectations, goals and plans moving forward. Join Kristi Faltorusso as she shares why and how they shifted to a Partnership Kickoff Model and how it’s transformed how they engage with customers to accelerate the partnership.

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Lesson #3
Anatomy of a High Performing Health Score

Designing a Customer Health Score might be one of the most important and daunting exercises for a Customer Success Leader. Often times they are too simple or too complex and teams don’t know how to take action effectively.  In this webinar, Kristi Faltorusso, VP of Customer Success at ClientSuccess, walks through the elements most critical to defining your customer health score and how to take action and intervene effectively.

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Lesson #4
Creating a Renewal and Forecasting Model that Works

Managing the renewal with your customer in an effective manner is critical. CSPs need to make sure they manage the process in a way that creates a seamless experience and drives the best outcome. Join Kristi Faltorusso as she maps out the best way to manage the renewal process and help you manage your forecast internally with confidence.

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Lesson #5
Architecting Your Customer Success Interview Process

Staffing your Customer Success team with the right candidates is critical; if you get this wrong it’s not only costing your company a lot of money, it is also increasing risk for your customers by impacting their experience. Join Kristi Faltorusso for the final installment of the CS Leadership Bootcamp, as she walks you through how to design the optimal CS Interview Process.

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