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Recorded Customer Success Webinar

Donna Weber, CEO, Founder, & Customer Onboarding Expert at Donna Weber
Tuesday, July 25

The High Touch vs. Tech Touch Debate is Over: It’s Time for a Hybrid Approach

Are you having to do more with less these days? Likely you are shifting away from a high touch approach when it comes to engaging customers because treating every customer with special care is expensive and time consuming. While your team might be shifting to a digital or technical touch, it’s time to embrace every touch type with a hybrid approach.
Hybrid Customer Success is about delivering the right touch to the right user at the right time to ensure your customers obtain the value when they need it across their lifetime with you. Invest an hour with Donna Weber to learn why a hybrid touch is critical to your success and your customers’ success. Donna will share insights and practical tips to help you start scaling now.

This valuable session enables you to:

– Describe the benefits of hybrid Customer Success
– Apply digital engagement with high touch customers
– Deliver high touch moments along a self-paced journey

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