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Course #4

Join us for a hands on Customer Success best practices bootcamp, with Kristi Faltorusso, Chief Customer Officer at ClientSuccess.  Each lesson includes video recordings, slides, and templates to help you master the skills needed to become an elite Customer Success Leader.

This on-demand bootcamp includes lessons on the following topics:

  • Using Your NPS Campaign to Power Your Business
  • Designing Leverage Ratios for Your CS Team
  • Managing the Renewal Process from Start to Finish
  • Executing a Flexible Yet Repeatable Onboarding Framework

Kristi Faltorusso is an award winning Customer Success Executive with experience in building, scaling and transforming Customer Success organizations at hyper-growth B2B SaaS companies. Over the past decade she has helped many companies redefine Customer Success resulting in increased retention, long term revenue growth and customer advocacy. Kristi is currently the Chief Customer Officer at ClientSuccess where she manages the post initial sales customer journey.

On-Demand Bootcamp
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