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Customer Success Journey

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Build more predictability into your renewals with contextual insights

Renewals are about taking the relationship to the next level by ensuring your customer is achieving their desired outcomes and then getting rich insights from customer data to better predict renewals.

  • Build a consistent renewal process
  • Use data-driven health scores
  • Enhance health scores with context from CSMs
  • Survey customers to get feedback
  • Compile that data together to better predict renewal health

Build a Consistent Process so All Renewals are Done Properly

Start by creating a SuccessCycleTM that details all they key actions that should be taken prior to renewal and when they should be done by.  Then use this across the entire team so you can ensure all customers get the same experience. 


Get Multiple Views of Renewal Health

Use a SuccessScoreTM to get an automated health score derived from product usage, customer engagement, adoption, etc.


Enhance the Health Score With Insights From Your Team

Get even more insights by seeing what your team says about the health of the relationship by using PulseTM.  

Customer Feedback

Get Renewal Health Data Directly From Your Customer

By using NPS surveys, you now have a complete view of the health of your renewals and more informed insights into your renewals.  


Use Contextual Insights to Provide an Accurate Renewal Forecast

For the first time, you can forecast renewals with the extra context of customer health and feedback, leading to deeper insights and cleaner forecasts.

Renewal Forecast

Onboard| Adopt | RENEW | Grow

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