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Always Stay On Top Of Your Most Important Metrics

CEO’s care about a lot of metrics, but if you’re a recurring-revenue company two of your most important metrics are revenue retention and growth. ClientSuccess gives you real-time access into your those metrics along with the customer health and forecast metrics that drive retention and growth. 

Revenue Growth
See Long-Term Revenue Trends at a Glance

Monitor your revenue and customer counts fluctuations on a monthly basis to see where your growth is coming from. Understand your revenue trends so you can see whether your business is accelerating, slowing down, or shrinking, and get ahead of it.  

Understand Long-Term Health Trends at a Glance

Look at your health trends in detail and have confidence that the health of your customer base is improving over time.  Dig in to the data to understand challenges that are impacting customer health.  

Health Trend
Forecast Accurately
Gain More Predictability in Your Revenue Forecasts

Add contextual insights into all of your revenue forecasts to improve accuracy.  Layer in health scores, NPS feedback, usage trends, customer engagement, and other data points so you and your team have more confidence in the accuracy of your forecasts.   

Make Well-Informed Product Investments Based on Customer Data

Bring customer data into your product meetings so you can see why customers are at risk, or churning, and then use that data to make the data-driven product decisions for your company.

Data Driven Decisions

Case Study:


AddShoppers increases revenue retention from 90% to 103% with ClientSuccess

  • Turned the customer success department into a profit center
  • Increases revenue retention from 90% to 103% with ClientSuccess
  • Increased logo retention from 85% to 93%
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