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Customer Success Journey

Onboard | ADOPT | Renew | Grow

Move customers from just using your product to seeing value

Now that your customer is onboarded, turn your attention to driving Adoption across the entire organization.  Monitor your customer’s progress and get alerted to problems before they become major issues.  

  • Identify key contacts and monitor product usage
  • Maintain relationships with executive sponsors and champions
  • Use health scores to stay ahead of problems
  • Get alerted when potential problems occur
  • Use support data to troubleshoot issues
  • Report on Adoption progress and identify issues

See How Your Key Contacts Are Using Your Platform

Understand who all your key players are and how they are engaging with your platform on a daily basis.  


Maintain Relationships With Your Key Contacts

Seamlessly track all interactions with your key contacts (emails, phone calls, notes, docs, etc.) so that you always have the latest information to help drive Adoption.  


Use Automated Health Scores To Monitor Any Adoption Potholes

Set up unique health scores for your customers that track product adoption, sentiment, customer engagement, etc., so you can see how adoption is trending over time.  


Get Alerted of Problems Early so You Can Take Action

Receive notifications when product usage drops or when a customer’s health score changes so you can take action quickly before a dip becomes a major problem.   


Use Support Tickets to Diagnose Problems

After you receive an alert (but before you call the customer), quickly see their most recent support tickets to understand whether they’ve raised any roadblocks with your support team. 



Use an Adoption Scorecard to Track Progress

Create a scorecard that allows you to see which products have been adopted and where the gaps are so you can take action. 


Onboard | ADOPT | Renew | Grow

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