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How to Get Started With a New Customer Success Platform

You’ve done your research, gone through the sales cycle, and made your decision. Now, the day is finally here – your team is finally implementing your new customer success platform. First of all, congratulations! Making the decision to invest in a customer success platform shows that your organization is 100% dedicated to the long-term success and growth of your customer base. 

Your customer success department – as well as your organization’s executive leadership – understands that customer success managers need more visibility and insight into account activity in order to make the best decisions for customers, which is where your new customer success platform comes into the picture.

Once you’ve celebrated this monumental step in the growth of your business, it’s time to get started! Implementing a new customer success platform for your CSMs and successfully onboarding your customers can set the stage for long-term, high-value account relationships, so it’s important to get it right.

Here are a few key tips and tricks to keep in mind when getting started with a new customer success platform:

  • Set short term and long-term goals with your new software team. Getting started with a new customer success platform is your team’s chance to experience an onboarding process from your customer’s point of view. Make your value drivers and KPIs clear with your new vendor team to ensure success down the road.
  • Build processes and workflows to make it easier for your CSMs to get up to speed. The most successful customer success platforms are ones that offer unique solutions and insights for both customer success leaders and customer teams themselves. Implementing a new customer success platform will require new processes and workflows to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Track onboarding metrics, and then use these to inform your own customers’ onboarding process. As your team is getting up to speed on your new customer success platform, use the onboarding experience to inform and shape the onboarding experience for customers.
  • Use your customer journey to make decisions. The experience and sentiment of your customer accounts were more than likely a catalyst for implementing this new customer success platform. As you’re onboarding and setting things up, make decisions with your customer journey and customer milestones in mind, so your customer success platform is completely ready and able to drive customer experiences on the other side.

Are you thinking about a new customer success platform?

Today’s SaaS-focused customer success management teams have seen the success of their colleagues in other departments like sales and marketing and are ready to make the shift to high-impact, cloud-based customer success software. If your team is ready to make the change, the team of experts at ClientSuccess can help.

From figuring out where your team needs to focus efforts to building a solution that fits into your budget, ClientSuccess is here to help your team find the perfect customer success platform for your team and your customers. You can learn more and get started here

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