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How To Create A Newsletter That Actually Drives Customer Engagement

Email marketing today is a lot different from what it used to be. Users these days want more than just a weekly or monthly promotional newsletter; they expect to be engaged and catered to. And if your emails fail to intrigue them, they have too many brands vying for their attention to really care about yours. 

That’s why you need to be very conscious while planning out your newsletter campaign. 

You need to research and use data analytics to know your subscribers and their interest better. It can undoubtedly be challenging for novice marketers, but once you get familiar with the right approach, you can start driving more customer engagement. 

Businesses can utilize newsletter campaigns for various purposes. For example, they can engage new subscribers, increase sales, retain old customers, or improve their brand image with the help of a newsletter. 

Here’s a quick guide to some tried-and-tested, expert-recommended methods to create newsletters that drive customer engagement. 

Do A Competitor Analysis

While coming up with your marketing strategy, you must do a competitor analysis. It will allow you to keep up with your competitors and give you fresh ideas. You will also be able to keep up with the current trends of email marketing. 

Subscribe to their newsletter from a personal email address. Then when you receive the newsletter, you can see what they include in it that you don’t. If you find something that you can potentially use in your newsletter, tweak and adapt it to your newsletters. 

Pick An Interesting Subject Line

The subject line creates the first impression of your email. If the subject line isn’t intriguing, your email will most likely get abandoned. However, to understand the interests of your subscribers, you will need to refer to data analytics. It will guide you on how to phrase your subject line to get your subscribers’ attention. 

Besides that, adding a touch of personalization can take you a long way. Address the subscribers by their first name; they gave you this information when opting-in to the emails. It will instantly get their attention and increase your email’s open rate. Personalized emails have the potential to generate 58% of total revenue.

Design Emails That Catch Attention

Your content may be top-class, but if it isn’t presented in a way that draws the eye, no one’s going to read it. A cluttered or boring newsletter does nothing for your brand. 

So, carefully layout your content to engage, inform, and delight your readers. Make sure you deliver real value by using animation and graphics that support your content and don’t overcrowd your newsletter. Start with free email templates to help you create eye-catching emails, or if you’ve got the budget for it, hire a designer. 

Include Relevant Content

Your content is the driving force of your email marketing campaigns. It would be best to plan out what you will include in the newsletter before sending it out. For that, you must know the interests of your subscribers. Use the data analytics to understand and segment your subscribers to send them newsletters with relevant content. If written with proper research, your content will help you build a relationship with your subscribers. 

You can use different types of data to do that – demographic data, behavioral data, transactional data, and customer preference data. 

Maintain Consistency And Frequency

When you plan out your newsletter campaign, know how often you will send out those newsletters – whether you will send them weekly, twice a week, or monthly. Then maintaining that consistency is essential too. If you badger your subscribers with tens of emails out of the blues, it will instill a negative feeling in them. As a result, they will abandon the emails. 

On the other hand, maintaining the consistency and frequency of your emails will allow them to anticipate your emails at a specific time of the month. This will also prevent your emails from being ignored or missed.

Be Conscious Of Timing

You’ve got a well-researched email marketing campaign, but it still won’t work if you send the email at the wrong time of the day. With 250 billion emails sent daily, your emails might get lost if you don’t pick the right time to send them. If you’re selling an AC right before winter, people won’t be interested in buying it. 

Moreover, there are certain times and days of the week when users are more active. So, you can research when your targeted users engage with email and send out the newsletters at that time. So, you need to plan your newsletter according to the trend and send it out at the right time.  


Once you set up a strategy for your newsletter, formulate it and send it out, then be patient. Like any other relationship-building process, this is going to take time. You won’t be able to master it in one go. Keep practicing and testing over time. The important part is to understand your audiences and deliver precisely what they want to see, read and experience. You can’t lose with that formula. 

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