Customer Success Webinar: How to Design a Customer Education Strategy

Burke Alder

Customer Success Strategist

ClientSuccess will host Bill Cushard, Customer Success Strategist of ServiceRocket and a 2018 Mindtouch Top Customer Success Strategist, for this month’s customer success webinar series: How to Design a Customer Education Strategy.

The webinar covers the topic of designing a proactive strategy for customer education. This webinar is relevant to leaders of B2B recurring revenue companies of all types, customers success leaders, and practitioners.

It doesn’t seem like it at the time, but one of the worst things you can do is start reacting to customer requests for training by throwing consultants and customer success managers at the problem. We’ve all done it. And sometimes there are urgent requests that we must deliver. However, if you have a solid customer education strategy, you will hardly ever be in reactive mode.

Webinar: How to Design a Customer Education Strategy
Date Held: April 25, 2018, Wednesday at 11:00 am Mountain Time

Watch the recorded webinar here: How to Design a Customer Education Strategy

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why you need a customer education strategy
  • Why you need to learn how to design one
  • Examples of how different companies use different strategies to solve different problems
  • How customer education can impact customer outcomes
  • How to design a customer education strategy

If you learn customer education strategy design skills, you can answer the following questions:

  • How can we 10X the number of customers we train this year?
  • Product adoption is down 20% in our top three sticky features, how can we bring that back up?
  • How can we shorten the on-boarding cycle?
  • How do we increase sales of our new product?

When executive teams ask us these questions, we need to have an answer. And if we don’t have an answer, we must say, “I understand, we will come up with an education strategy for you by the end of the week to help figure that out.”

Receive a Customer Education Strategy Design Template

You will even receive a customer education strategy design template so you can create your own strategy. If you follow along in the webinar closely enough, you can actually start on your strategy design document during the webinar.

Your Presenter

Bill Cushard, Director of Marketing of ServiceRocket, a SaaS platform with a mission to help companies grow by speeding the adoption of the software. Bill Cushard is a dynamic speaker and a recognized top customer success strategist and SaaS thought leader.

Watch the recorded webinar here: How to Design a Customer Education Strategy

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Also if you’re currently managing your customer success strategies in spreadsheets or disparate solutions, you can request a demo to see how SaaS companies around the world are delivering customer success at scale with all their customer info in one place through ClientSuccess. Request a ClientSuccess demo.

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