ClientSuccess Expands Integration Reach with New Zapier Zaps—Customer Data in the Right Place

November 8, 2018

Burke Alder

Customer Success Strategist

We at ClientSuccess are passionate about customer success. It runs in our veins and we know that customer growth is the key to building a world-class and profitability SaaS business.

Our mission is help you and your customer success team build relationships that last with your clients through human and data driven insights that help you execute the right customer actions (human or automated) at the right times to drive measurable results.

Moving Scattered Customer Success Data into the Right Place

As we have visited with thousands of customer success leaders and teams from all over the world, we have found a common challenge: You tell us, “Customer data is spread out in many systems and it’s labor intensive to gather the data, build insights around the data, and turn that data into actions that turn into results.” You have also told us that many times it can feel like constant fire fighting. We believe there is a better way and we focus on building customer success technology to make this process effective and proactive.

ClientSuccess Zapier Zaps Brings Siloed Customer Data Together

We’re excited to announce the new ClientSuccess Zapier Zaps that help you bring siloed customer data together. This continues driving our mission to consolidate your customer data in one place and provide the insights you need to deliver customer success.

Slack, Intercom, Hubspot, and Pipedrive

The new ClientSuccess Zapier Zap templates include Slack, Intercom, Hubspot, and Pipedrive. Many, many more possible integrations using the ClientSuccess triggers and the thousands of Zapier Apps are now at your fingertips!

Below are some of the new ClientSuccess Zapier Zap template use cases to get you pumped about this integration expansion.


Send new ClientSuccess pulse updates as Slack channel messages. Deliver the right insights and visibility to the right people and to specific slack channels. You’ll love the new friends you’ll make. This will help you drive customer success as a company culture.


Add new Intercom conversations as ClientSuccess engagement interactions. All customer communication in one place. You’ll be in the know. No more frantic searches. Everything is at your fingertips in one place.


If you manage the pre-sales funnel or experience in Hubspot CRM or Pipedrive, you’ll love the post sales experience with ClientSuccess. Now the fastest growing sales CRMs integrate with the fastest growing customer success platform (ClientSuccess).

  • Create ClientSuccess contacts from new HubSpot CRM contacts
  • Add new clients to ClientSuccess when new companies are created in HubSpot CRM
  • Add new HubSpot CRM deals as new ClientSuccess subscriptions
  • Add new ClientSuccess clients as new HubSpot CRM companies


  • Add new Pipedrive organizations as new ClientSuccess clients
  • Add Pipedrive people as new ClientSuccess contacts
  • Add new Pipedrive notes as ClientSuccess engagement interactions
  • Add new ClientSuccess clients as new Pipedrive organizations

And Much More

ClientSuccess connects with Zapier, making it easier than ever to automate your customer success workflows. Zapier can automatically trigger workflows in other apps whenever new contacts, clients, users, subscriptions, to-dos, or pulses are created in ClientSuccess. Or you can automatically create contacts, clients, subscriptions, to-dos, pulses, or engagement interactions in ClientSuccess whenever trigger events happen in the other apps you use most.

If you are currently managing your customers in spreadsheets or siloed systems, we can help your bring together your customer data in the right place to help you deliver customer success at scale. Request a 30-minute custom demo and start being proactive with your customers.

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