March 30, 2020

To Do “Remote Work” Right, Your Team Needs A Customer Success Platform

To Do “Remote Work” Right, Your Team Needs A Customer Success Platform

New mobile apps to keep an eye on

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What new social media mobile apps are available in 2022?

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Use new social media apps as marketing funnels

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Try out Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse on iPhone

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These are unprecedented times we are living through right now. In what seemed to be an overnight development, the entire SaaS industry (along with basically every other industry) was forced out of their offices and into remote work.  This change has exposed a lot of challenges for teams that weren’t quite ready.

That said, we’ve been hearing a lot of questions about this at ClientSuccess and we thought we should share some best practices to help everyone get through this phase and set themselves up for better times to come.  

Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience

One of the key elements of a great brand is consistency. Whether it is McDonalds, Nike, Google, Apple, or Ritz Carlton, one of the most important pieces of their model is their ability to deliver consistent customer experiences.  

This is no different in SaaS. When everyone is in the office together you have leaders overhearing or listening in on customer calls, so it’s much easier to correct problems and ensure customers are getting consistent treatment.

In a remote environment you need to ensure your customer success processes are detailed, documented, and communicated clearly so everyone on the team knows what to do.  

ClientSuccess customers use the SuccessCycle™ application to make sure all CSMs know what steps to take to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Enable Customer Transparency  

When everyone is in the office, it’s easy for anyone to walk over to a CSM and ask what is going on with a specific customer.  Typically all of the latest information about the customer is either in the CSM’s head, their inbox, or their Evernote.  

However in a remote environment, this becomes harder to do.  Now you have to find the CSM on Slack, ping them, make sure they’re free to talk, then figure out what technology you’re going to use to talk, e.g. Slack call/chat, Zoom, Phone, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.  

To solve this, you need to make sure your team has a central holding place where all customer conversations and interactions reside (emails, meeting notes, shared docs, etc).

ClientSuccess Engagements™ gives your entire company transparency into what’s happening with an account.  So rather than having to track down the CSM, you can simply log in and see all the latest emails, notes, and actions. You’re up to speed quickly without having to track down the CSM.  

Ensure Cross-Team Collaboration

A lot of you right now are seeing customers move from a ‘healthy’ stage to an unhealthy one.  

When that happens, it's important to be able to share real-time updates with your team so that everyone knows what’s going on so you can rally the troops.  

Use our new Slack integration to ensure that all customer health can be communicated/collaborated on in real time, regardless of team location.  

Have a look at this example below.

Make Sure Nothing Important Slips Through the Cracks with Notifications

Working remotely potentially brings up all kinds of distraction, so you need to make sure that your team has a clear system to ensure they get notified when important things take place.   Whether that is a customer’s health score changing, or whether they haven’t logged into your platform recently, or anything else that’s important to see.  

You want to make sure that your team gets notified at these key moments in the customer lifecycle so that your CSMs can take the right action at the right time.  

If any of these points resonate with you and you’d like to have a chat, feel free to request a demo below and we’ll arrange a time to discuss whether we could help you.  


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