July 7, 2020

Three Top SaaS Usage Metrics You Need to Track

Three Top SaaS Usage Metrics You Need to Track

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What new social media mobile apps are available in 2022?

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Use new social media apps as marketing funnels

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At first, customer success doesn’t seem like a role that would be data heavy. After all, isn’t customer sentiment and feeling a better indicator of success? While customer sentiment is, of course, important, it’s amazing how many metrics CSMs, customer success leaders, and executives rely on to measure and gauge the health of customer accounts. In many cases, the same SaaS usage metrics that sales and product teams use also apply in customer situations.

Here are three of the top SaaS usage metrics customer success leaders need to track:

1. Overall product usage rates

In the world of SaaS usage metrics, product engagement rates are the cream of the crop. CSMs should be able to see how many users a customer has on their platform, who exactly is using it (by role, preferably) and when the highest periods of engagement are. A customer can say they're happy with a product or service until they’re red in the face, but if nobody is actually using the platform what is the point? Many other SaaS usage metrics use product adoption as a jumping off point for deeper, more detailed reporting as well.

2. Customer NPS score

For many SaaS vendors, customer recommendations and testimonials are a huge driver of new business. This is why the NPS score has become one of the top SaaS metrics for customer success teams. NPS – or net promoter score – is a number that shows how willing a customer is to be a reference for other potential customers. NPS scores are gathered by surveying customers (just one question) and then aggregated on the NPS scale.

3. Customer SuccessScore™

It’s already been acknowledged that customer sentiment and feeling is a great way to gauge account success, but there needs to be a more formal process in place to actually measure this sentiment. That is where a SuccessScore™ comes into play. The Customer SuccessScore™ combines some of the most important SaaS usage metrics that influence customer happiness – including user adoption, feedback, and engagement – to create a measurable ‘score’ for CSMs. Account managers can keep track of this score to stay on top of potential issues or concerns.

Are you ready to start measuring success?

Staying on top of SaaS usage metrics like the ones above is a great first step towards increasing the visibility and transparency of your customer success team. Having access to this kind of data allows teams to make empowered, informed decisions to move both the team and customer accounts forward. ClientSuccess, the ultimate customer success management platform, allows CSMs and customer success teams to see all customer data and metrics in a single location, making it easy to see exactly what is going on with a single account or all of your customers.

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