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October 17, 2023

ClientSuccess Unveils Two New AI-Driven Features for SmartCS™

ClientSuccess releases two new groundbreaking AI features for SmartCS™

ClientSuccess Unveils Two New AI-Driven Features for SmartCS™

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ClientSuccess Unveils Two New AI-Driven Features for SmartCS™

SILICON SLOPES, UTAH - ClientSuccess, a leading customer success platform, is thrilled to announce two powerful additions to its SmartCS™ suite. These innovative features harness the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize email content creation and customer segment analysis, further empowering businesses to engage and retain their valued customers like never before.

1. Email Assist: Revolutionizing Personalized 1:Many Emails

ClientSuccess introduces the all-new "Email Assist" feature within the SmartCS™ suite. This cutting-edge capability empowers customer success teams to craft personalized, intelligent 1:Many emails seamlessly, thanks to the power of AI-driven SmartCS™.
With the Email Assist, businesses can:

  • Deliver Personalized Content: SmartCS™ analyzes customer data and user behavior to generate personalized email content, ensuring that your messages are tailored to the unique preferences and needs of each recipient.
  • Increase Engagement: By delivering content that resonates with your customers, you'll foster deeper connections and enhance customer engagement, ultimately driving higher satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Save Time and Resources: Say goodbye to the painstaking process of manually crafting individual emails. Email Creator streamlines your communication efforts, enabling you to reach your entire customer base with personalized content effortlessly.

2. Segment Analyzer: Unleash the Power of AI-Generated Insights

The second groundbreaking addition to SmartCS™ is the "Segment Analyzer." This feature enables users to gain valuable insights by analyzing customer segments directly on the Customer Grid.  With the Segment Analyzer, businesses can:

  • Create Custom Segments: Define and create customer segments based on specific criteria and attributes. Tailor your segmentations to match your unique business needs.
  • Ask Any Question: Once your segments are created, you can ask any question or prompt, and SmartCS™ will provide an AI-generated response. Whether you want to analyze buying behavior, measure customer satisfaction, or assess churn risk, the Segment Analyzer has you covered.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: You can submit multiple prompts and questions simultaneously, obtaining a comprehensive analysis of your customer data in real-time. If you have a question for your data, all you have to do is ask it.

These two groundbreaking features further strengthen ClientSuccess's commitment to helping businesses maximize customer success and satisfaction by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. "We are excited to bring Email Assist and Segment Analyzer to our SmartCS™ platform," said Dave Blake, CEO at ClientSuccess. "These features exemplify our dedication to continuous innovation and our mission to help businesses connect with their customers on a deeper level. With SmartCS™, our clients will have the tools they need to create highly personalized customer interactions and unlock data-driven insights that drive growth and customer loyalty." ClientSuccess is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions to enhance customer success, and the SmartCS™ Email Assist and Segment Analyzer are the latest manifestations of that commitment.

Be ready to experience a new era of customer engagement and analysis with these exciting features.

For more information about SmartCS™ and these new features, please visit the AI & Automation platform page or contact us at

About ClientSuccess: ClientSuccess is a leading customer success platform that empowers businesses to foster long-term customer relationships and drive growth. Through innovative software solutions and AI-driven features, ClientSuccess equips companies with the tools they need to optimize their customer success strategies.

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