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New Current Pulse Reasons Report

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Current Pulse Reasons Report. Similar to our recently released Client Pulse Health Report, this one comes with greater report flexibility and configurability so you can quickly answer important questions about your client health portfolio.

Reports Tab > Current Pulse Reasons

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Pulse Reasons Report Includes:

  • Filter real-time by Pulse, Client type, Assigned to, Status, Client as of, Next renewal, and Last updated Pulse
  • View Pulse by Customer Count or ARR (MRR/ACV primary metrics coming soon)
  • View Reason Code breakdown in a pie chart or new treemap
  • Quick-view stats of Top Pulse Reasons
  • Interactive charts allow you to quickly sub-segment the data
  • Report includes an interactive client list featuring a new 90 day trend of each customer’s pulse
  • Increased report speed and performance

Pulse Insights at Your Fingertips

The Pulse Reasons Report allows you to better understand the Pulse of your clients. Explore and answer important questions about your client health portfolio through a powerful set of real-time filters.

Sample Use Cases

  • Review at Risk Reason Codes by next renewal. For example, see the top risk factors for clients renewing in the next 60 days.
  • Hold effective one-on-one meetings with your team members by viewing Reason Codes by assigned CSM. See how their client health portfolio is performing, and help them succeed and remove roadblocks.
  • View Reason Code portfolio by ARR (MRR/ACV primary metrics coming soon). For example, you can see your client portfolio by ARR. Deep dive by clicking the pie chart or treemap.

Example of the new Pulse Reasons Tree map report in the new Current Pulse Reasons Report:

Things to Note

  • Pulse by Customer Count and ARR indicate totals for selected filters
  • Reason Code pie chart and treemap breakdowns include percentages, totals, and ARR reflective of client totals for each reason code. These count and ARR totals are not meant to match the Pulse by Customer Count and ARR totals. Clients can have more than one reason code assigned to them; we want to surface the total count or ARR associated with each reason code.


Burke Alder and the ClientSuccess Team

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