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Customer Success Advice from the 2018 MindTouch Top Customer Success Strategists

Yesterday, March 19th, the 2018 MindTouch Top 25 Influencers and the Top 100 Customer Success Strategist list was announced. I want to give a shout out to Mindtouch. I know that Ari Hoffman, Marisa Delao, and many others worked really hard to bring to light the “Top Customer Success Strategists of 2018”. Thank you!

Check out the list here: Top 2018 Customer Success Influencers and Strategist

Advice from the Best Customer Success Leaders

As part of the announcement yesterday, the Top Customer Success honorees provided advice in the form of a quote. There advice is so fresh and relevant, I thought it would be helpful to share their advice or quotes to the Customer Success Community.

You can read more quotes and Customer Success advice by following the hashtag: #TOPCS2018

2018 Top Customer Success Strategist Quotes

Here is many of the great advice from the Top Customer Success Influencers:

“Customer Success, done right, reminds your customer base why they’re doing business with you now and in the future.”

Nate Williams
Head of Customer Success

“Customers ultimately value results over relationships and the best companies are delivering results through extraordinary customer experiences.”

Dave Blake
Founder & CEO

“Customer Success is about making your product work for your customers’ jobs to be done—useful, effortless and enjoyable.”

Omid Razavi
Global Head of Product Success, Customer Service Management

“With every engagement, Customer Success is the commitment to earn the trust people put in you to deliver transformative outcomes.”

Ellie Wu
Founder and Chief Evangelist

“The conventional approach to Customer Success is broken. CS is no longer something great companies do. It’s the only thing they do.”

Greg Daines
Chief Executive Officer

“To continuously achieve customer lifetime value, it’s imperative to engage proactively and deliver on customer’s success goals, repeatedly.”

Vipin Thomas
Manager – Customer Success

“Every customer deserves an investment in their success, and when you customer is at the center of everything you do, success is easy.”

Jennifer Dearman
Vice President, Global Customer Success

“Customer Success is centered around providing value beyond the expected; measuring, scaling and redefining it to fit the changing needs of the business”

Ursula Llabres
Head of Customer Growth

“Customer Success is all about increasing customer lifetime value by delivering business outcomes and using data to scale delivery.

Dutta Satadip
Global Head of Operations

“Customer Success is more than a strategy or a set of playbooks, it’s a mindset your entire organization embraces.”

Junan Pang
Director, Global Services

“Helping customers achieve their desired outcomes with 100% integrity, commitment & conviction will lead towards retention, advocacy, and growth.”

Shreyan Mehta
Manager, Customer Success Operations

“Monetizing CS at scale achieves best time to value and enables full customer engagement.”

Nora Paxton
Executive and Transformational Life Coach

“Customer Success is a company focus not a department. The company alignment around successful customer experiences and outcomes is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

Burke Alder
VP, Marketing

“Customers that learn, succeed. Customer Success is achieved when your customer grow their use of your products to accomplish their outcomes.”

Rob Castaneda
Founder & CEO

“Customers are not an interruption of our work—they are the purpose of it. This philosophy is foundational for delivering both company and customer success.”

Nicolle Paradise
Senior Director of Client Experience

“Celebrate first downs and not just touchdowns. Have the end zone in the mind but day in and day out focus on moving the chains.”

Chad Horenfeldt
Vice President, Client Success

“Ensure your customer gets exactly what they need before they need it. Create a growth engine for your business by investing in your customer’s success. It’s that simple.”

Lilian Klemz
Customer Success Director

“Your customer’s success depends on the proactive design of the customer journey. Look ahead. Don’t just react to issues, prevent them!”

Jeannie Walters
CEO & CCE Investigator

“It’s important to realize that it’s a privilege to be part of your customer’s life. You should create a customer experience that reflects it.”

Alicja Heyduk
Customer Success Consultant

“Customer Success has the great pleasure and responsibility of building lifelong partnerships with our customers based on value—this is the key to company success.”

Dan Adika
Chief Executive Officer

“Customers may come for your product, but they stay for the people.”

Paul Teshima
Co-Founder and CEO

“The ultimate gauge of customer success isn’t renewal. It’s advocacy. You know customers see value when they put their reputations on the line.”

Heather Foeh
VP, Customer Experience

Some great advice, right? There are some golden nuggets from the Top 100 Customer Success Strategists. It’s an exciting time to be a customer success professional.

We would like to here the advice you would give other customer success professionals in a series we call “Mentors” that is part of our CSM from the Trenches blog series.


Want to share your mentor advice? Submit your answers here.


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