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If you are ready to make a change and shift to our Partnership Kickoff engagement model, allow us to help you get started. We’ve built for you 2 resources to ensure you and your team maximize the value of this change in conversation. Our 5 Step Guide will provide you with clarity around how to structure the discussion with your customer and includes our prescriptive 10 step proven playbook for you to use in your ClientSuccess instance or even to track manually. We make it super easy for you to do the right things at the right time. 

Structuring the right presentation is a big part of the Partnership Kickoff, so we’ve shared a modified version of our presentation to help you get started. Simply click on the images below for quick access to our Google Slide template. 

We hope that this move towards a more intentional kickoff, helps you, your team and your customers establish a strong foundation for long term success.

5 Elements of a
Successful Kickoff

Kickoff Template

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