May 11, 2021

Why a Customer Success Platform is Vital for CSM Success

Why a Customer Success Platform is Vital for CSM Success

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Customer success managers working with SaaS products have a lot on their plate. The responsibilities genuinely seem endless, from managing new customer implementation to owning customer satisfaction to dealing with customer issues. As the tasks keep piling up, however, the tools needed to do the job also seem to increase in number until it becomes almost impossible to keep things straight.

Why a customer success platform is so critical for CSMs

Let’s think about some of the typical to-dos for a CSM on any given day. Things like running a customer meeting, escalating support tickets, measuring project plan status, and checking in on NPS are probably on the list. Additionally, sharing upsell information with a sales rep and reporting customer health to executives could also be on there. Simply put, CSMs have a lot going on. Instead of having to log in and out of platforms for each one of these tasks, wouldn’t it be great if CSMs had a single source of truth to take action from?

This is where a customer success platform comes into the picture. From integrating all CRM, support, billing, and product data into a single location, a dedicated customer success platform allows you to log in once and manage all of your projects. CSMs need every minute of their day to serve customers better and streamlining the number of tools it takes them to get there can help them be more efficient and effective.

Top features to look for in a customer success platform

Here are some key features to look for in a customer success platform to make your CSMs more successful:

1. Full source integrations with critical products.

From ingesting CRM and support data to tracking product usage rates and NPS score, your customer success platform should be able to integrate with any tool you’re currently using.

2. Customer lifecycle and project tracking.

Knowing where customers are in their lifecycle (onboarding, adoption, etc.) can help CSMs be more in tune with what customers need and where they are looking for value. Additionally, project tracking ensures that your team – and your customers – are held accountable on deadlines and deliverables.

3. Customer health scoring.

There are numerous different ways CSMs track the health of a customer, and condensing it down into a single number is more practical and efficient. Plus, CSMs can use this health score to identify when a customer is at-risk or trending downward, allowing them to take action earlier to avoid the issue.

4. Targeted dashboards and reporting.

Presenting customer success data is never easy, especially when metrics are spread out across numerous platforms. Whether your CSMs discuss customer details with a department manager or present to executives, they should have a clean, easy-to-understand spreadsheet that allows them to get right to the point without issue.

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