July 27, 2021

What Your CEO Needs to Know About Customer Success

What Your CEO Needs to Know About Customer Success

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While customer success is a necessary function in any SaaS organization, there can sometimes be a sense of confusion around the importance of customer success, especially at an executive level. For decades, companies were foundationally built around new customer sales and logos, leaving customer relationship building a secondary effort. Today, many companies are entirely focused on delighting customers first and foremost, bringing c-level attention to operations, metrics, and outcomes.

Here are a few key insights your CEO (and other c-level executives) need to know about customer success:

  • The impact of recurring revenue on the success of your business: for recurring revenue organizations, staying on top of revenue retention and customer growth is vital to the success of your business. When your CEO has visibility into these key customer success metrics, the executive team can better forecast decisions and drive customer strategy.
  • Monitoring long-term revenue trends: customer accounts can fluctuate, especially if there is uncertainty or instability in the market. With real-time access to revenue and customer health data, company leaders can get ahead of trends and mitigate any potential risk.
  • A single source for customer health information: multiple factors impact your customer health ‘score,’ including NPS information, product usage data, in-person feedback, and more. With all of these insights in one place, CEOs can confidently see how their business is trending and improve the accuracy of strategic forecasting.
  • Growing your business with customers in mind: making new product investments and decisions is key to keeping your business moving forward. Making these decisions with your customers in mind means gathering feedback and input and putting this insight into action through your platform.

Getting your CEO involved in customer success

Modern SaaS CEOs understand the importance of a strong customer success department and presence. With access to the correct data, CEOs can be more involved in the strategic goals of customer success leaders and more actively present in strategic decisions involving customers. When your customer success team and your CEO and other executive leaders are on the same page, your customers will be the ones who benefit.

With ClientSuccess, CEOs can accurately track revenue trends, forecasting, customer health data, and more in a single location. As a single source of truth for winning customer success teams, ClientSuccess provides a real-time look at the overall operations of a customer success team, giving CEOs the visibility and transparency they need in this vital department.

You can learn more about increasing executive involvement in customer success with these additional resources:

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