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Recorded Customer Success Webinar

Organizations have been segmenting their customers for decades as a way to categorize them based on common characteristics; and these segments have allowed organizations to better manage and support their customers overtime. But how do you know the best way to segment your customers. Join Customer Success Leaders Mike Sasaki and Rachel Jugai from Mitek as they discuss the do’s and don’t of customer segmentation.

About the Speakers

Mike Sasaki leads the Global Customer Success & Support organizations at Mitek – partnering with customers and partners to achieve their business objectives through optimal use of Mitek products. Mitek’s Global Customer Success and Support drives long-lasting relationships, and evangelizes the customer and partner perspective within Mitek. With over a decade of experience in SaaS/Customer Success (CallidusCloud and Oracle), Mike has worked with some of the largest brands around the globe.

Rachel Jugai has been in the Customer Success space for almost a decade. She started her career in software training and customer support, which has allowed her to gain a well-rounded perspective of the customer, their experiences and also their product needs. Rachel is currently leading a team of CSM’s at Mitek Systems and is working with customers utilizing Identity Verification as a way to combat fraud but also onboard customers seamlessly! Originally, from the midwest, Rachel is a Point Loma Nazarene grad and has been living in San Diego for the last 12 years.

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