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Recorded Customer Success Webinar
Mike Gospe CAB

Mike Gospe, Cofounder of Kickstart Alliance, will talk about the reasons your company needs a Customer Advisory Board (CAB).

Right now it’s essential to build and nurture authentic relationships with your best customers. Delaying or shuttering opportunities to collaborate strategically now hurts your ability to grow faster when times improve.

As a Customer Success leader you have an opportunity to pivot your company by encouraging new types of strategic conversations with, and between, your best customers. A customer advisory board (CAB), properly defined and managed, is one of the best resources for harnessing customer insight, marketplace wisdom, and ensuring your business plan is relevant to customers.

In this interactive discussion, Mike will define what the most effective CAB scenarios look like today, how virtual engagement tools are supplementing in-person meetings, and where the opportunities are for CS leaders to become CAB advocates. Specifically, we’ll explore:

  • What a Customer Advisory Board is and is not.
  • A practical way to use the virtual and offline tools you already have to execute a productive CAB meeting in 2020.
  • The role CS Leaders are playing to help their companies pivot their CAB program now.

Date Held: June 2, 2020

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