January 24, 2023

Understanding Customer Health Score: 6 Metrics To Track

Understanding Customer Health Score: 6 Metrics To Track

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Customer success health scoring is one of the most valuable activities SaaS organizations can undertake to evaluate and improve customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Understanding a customer's health will let you examine any account at any given time and understand where the relationship is.

What is a Customer Health Score?

A customer's health score indicates their current engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty level. Think of it as a way to zero in on your customer so you can connect with them in meaningful ways.

Many factors come into play when determining a customer's health score, including their usage levels, response times to inquiries or requests, NPS/survey responses, and more. A higher health score indicates greater engagement and satisfaction, while a lower score may indicate areas where improvement is needed for the relationship to remain successful.

Metrics That Indicate Customer Health

It is essential to track multiple metrics to provide the needed information about how customers interact with your company. These include:

  1. Product Usage
  2. Customer Sentiment
  3. Customer Advocacy
  4. Customer Engagement
  5. Customer Relationship
  6. Customer ROI

The graphic below shows an example of the six metrics in action. Also included here is the ClientSuccess SuccessScore—our customer success health scoring framework that allows you to bring in customer data from multiple customer systems to build a weighted health score. Our SuccessScore framework will enable you to clearly see the individual metric groups, overall scores, and trends calculated daily by a customer account.

Without the proper tool, these metrics are often spread across multiple systems such as CRM, Support Tool, NPS/Survey Tool, Product Usage Tool, Email, and Notes.

The Benefits Of Tracking These Metrics To Generate A SuccessScore™

By tracking these metrics and the SuccessScore™, you will be better equipped to:

  • Anticipate customers needs
  • See trends in behavior
  • Plan customer success activities
  • Reduce churn
  • Get real-time visibility into SaaS subscriptions and revenue

Overall, you'll see the complete picture of your client base, allowing you to improve your user journey in ways that make meaningful impacts for your customers.

In Summary

There are plenty of things on your to-do list heading into 2023, but setting your customer success team up for a top-notch year should be at the top. With ClientSuccess, customer success teams can confidently track valuable metrics and data while tracking customer touchpoints and communications.

If you want to see a demo of the ClientSuccess SuccessScore health scoring framework and how it can save you time and headaches and make you grow more accounts, you can request a 30-minute demo here.


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