April 5, 2022

Top NPS Survey Questions to Consider

Top NPS Survey Questions to Consider

New mobile apps to keep an eye on

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What new social media mobile apps are available in 2022?

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Use new social media apps as marketing funnels

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Try out Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse on iPhone

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Did you know you can ask more than one question in an NPS survey? While traditional NPS surveys are typically one-and-done questions, many SaaS organizations are starting to expand their surveys to gather more information from users.

Why expand your NPS survey?

Understanding how likely a user is to recommend your product or service is critical to gauging your team’s position and success in the industry. But there is still so much your users can tell you about their experience, how your product can become even more user-friendly, and even where your product roadmap can grow. Sometimes, all it takes to unlock this feedback is a simple forum for your users to share it with your team.

NPS survey questions to consider

More and more, the standard NPS survey question is starting to be paired with a prompt to give more feedback. A simple open-ended text box can often give users the platform to start sharing their thoughts. But, if you want to stick to a more traditional survey, here are a few questions to make sure are on your NPS survey:

  1. On a scale of 0 to 10, how satisfied are you with {recent product enhancement/product release/feature release}. The users answering your NPS survey questions are in your product daily. They are often the best (and most qualified) people to give feedback on any enhancements or releases, so make sure you ask them! Stick to the format of the traditional NPS question to give users a framework to work from.
  2. What {features/enhancements} would you like to see in the future? What {features/functionality} are highlights of your user experience? Giving survey respondents an open-ended question and asking them what they like most about your product and what additional features they would like to see in your product can be helpful. First, it provides users a safe place to say how they feel about your product. And second, they can often come up with great ideas or recommendations for new features.
  3. On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this product to a friend or colleague? This is, of course, the traditional NPS question and should be present on any NPS survey to measure an accurate score for your team. One significant part of including this standard (and recognizable) question on an NPS survey is that users will know immediately what they are looking at, how to answer, and how their answer will be used. It can help ease them into any additional questions you may think to ask.  

How to expand your NPS survey

Most products have a button on their site asking users to ‘Give Feedback’ or ‘Let Us Know How We’re Doing.’ When users click on this section (whether a static button, landing page, or even a banner pop-up), they are prompted to answer the standard rating NPS question. After your users answer this question, prompt them to give more feedback.

If you’re still struggling to collect responses, try incentivizing users. Run a raffle where users who submit NPS feedback are entered to win a prize or shout-out. Highlight (positive) feedback on your website or social media. This is information straight from your users themselves and should be used and shared as much as possible!

To learn more about NPS surveys, check out these additional resources from ClientSuccess:

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