March 17, 2021

Top Customer Success Email Templates Every Team Needs

Top Customer Success Email Templates Every Team Needs

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Today’s CSMs and customer success leaders are masters in juggling multiple plates at once. As customer success has become one of the most visible – and critical – departments within many organizations, CSMs are tasked with acting as a project manager not just for onboarding and implementation but for customer projects throughout a company.

With so much going on, looking for ways to automate or templatize operations is critical to maintain efficiencies. One great place to start is with email templates. Following up with customer requests can end up being just a lot of repetitive answers, and building templates are a great way to make sure your CSMs hit the main points in a response without wasting too much time.

Don’t forget that the purpose of email templates isn’t supposed to be cut-and-paste. While a template offers a quick outline and makes sure you include the important points in an email, CSMs are still responsible for including the unique details for a specific customer response.

Must-have email templates for CSMs

Here are a few of the must-have templates your team should have on hand to help manage and scale some of the highest volume requests:

“Checking In”

Much of a CSM’s time is spent simply ‘checking in’ with customer contacts to make sure things are running smoothly and that they aren’t experiencing any issues. For this template, make sure you include areas for personalized anecdotes, such as a particular project a customer is working on or a new feature they just implemented.

“Issue Escalation”

Not all parts of being a CSM are nice and rosy, and sometimes issues must be escalated both with customers and with your internal leadership team. This template should include an approved introduction for customers and a clear outline for CSMs to fill in details around the issue at hand. For internal escalations, the template should include key personnel that must be notified.

“Marketing Request”

Customer success teams work hand-in-hand with marketing to gather customer stories, case studies, and testimonials. Reaching out to customers with these marketing requests can take time, which is why a template is the perfect way to scale operations. The best part is that your marketing team can share in the responsibility of building the template to give it that special ‘marketing touch’.

“New Feature Now Available”

Another cross-department template is the new feature announcement. CSMs can work with their product team to build easily shareable templates to announce new features, enhancements, and products to customers so CSMs can easily get the news out when new platform features are on the horizon.

How is your team leveraging templates to operate more efficiently? You can learn more with these additional ClientSuccess resources:

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