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Building a Successful CS Team

This Toolkit contains 8 valuable resources to help you learn how to build, scale, and lead a successful Customer Success team.

The toolkit includes:

  • eBook: How to Build and Scale a Customer Success Team
  • eBook: The Definitive Guide to CSM Comp Plans
  • Webinar: Lessons Learned Building 3 CS Teams from Scratch
  • Webinar: How to Build a Cohesive Customer Success Team
  • Webinar: 5 Strategies of Top Performing Customer Success Teams
  • Blog: 5 Step Action Plan to Set CSMs Up for Success in Their First 90 Days
  • Blog: 3 Important Differences Between a Customer Success Manager (CSM) and an Account Executive (AE)
  • Blog: 4 Attributes to Look for When Hiring New CSMs
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