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Customer Journey Toolkit

The Customer Journey Toolkit contains 9 valuable resources to help you develop and optimize your customer journey.

The toolkit includes:

  • eBook – 5 Ways to Surprise and Delight Customers
  • Webinar – How to Nail Onboarding and Adoption
  • Webinar – Why Continuous Onboarding is Critical for Your Business
  • Article – 5 Best Practices to Build a Customer Journey Map
  • Article – How to Apply Metrics to Every Stage in the Customer Journey
  • Article – 3 Ways to Build a Customer’s Perspective Journey Map
  • Article – Experiences Before Stages – How to Build Out Your Customer Experience Journey
  • Article – The Outcome Customer Journey: Defining Customer Handoffs, Success Metrics, and Outcomes Between Departments
  • Article – How Customer Success Teams Should Navigate the Complexities of Customer Handoffs
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