December 6, 2019

What is the Role of the Customer Experience Officer (CXO)?

What is the Role of the Customer Experience Officer (CXO)?

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The customer experience (otherwise known as CX) is quickly moving to the forefront of considerations that are required for exceptional marketing. It directly impacts the perception of your brand in the eyes of your prospective, current, and past customers.

When you consider the type of experience each one of your customers is having when they interact with your business, is it a positive one or a negative one? When a customer has a positive customer experience with your company, they are five times more likely to recommend your brand and make additional purchases or renew their subscription in the future.

While a negative customer experience isn’t ideal, it can be beneficial for your company to understand what went wrong so that you and your team can make necessary changes. Your Customer Experience Officer (CXO) is responsible for identifying patterns in the experiences your customers are having both internally and externally.

Read on to learn more about a CXO’s responsibilities and what success in this emerging role looks like:

Responsibilities of the CXO

A Customer Experience Officer combines leadership skills with a desire to provide a positive customer experience to lead your customer success team. Your CXO should organize and develop a way to measure how customers perceive the product and/or service your company provides. This may include owning aspects of the customer journey such as:

  • Developing feedback surveys
  • Scheduling in-person and online meetings with customers
  • Thinking of ways to show appreciation to loyal clients
  • And other methods to improve and maintain the overall brand experience

Along with fine-tuning the customer journey, the CXO is also responsible for the employee experience and how it directly impacts the end customer. When the entire company has adopted a culture of customer success, employees work performance will improve and the level of satisfaction customers feel when interacting with your company will increase. The CXO should ensure the experience for both customers and employees is positive.

How Can a Customer Experience Officer Measure Their Success?

In any customer success position, it’s important to measure the effectiveness of any tactics and strategies that are being implemented. This allows the customer success team to find what is working and what methods can be changed or removed in order to ensure resources are being used appropriately.

Since a Customer Experience Officer is working to improve the customer experience, their level of success is crucial to customer success.

A CXO can measure their success by considering the following questions:

  • Do all employees understand the customers we serve and the type of experience we strive to provide?
  • Is the customer journey we designed driving the deliberate, disciplined, and positive experience we expect?
  • Does customer feedback give us insights on the type of experience we are providing?
  • Are our KPIs being met? If not, what can we do to meet our KPIs next quarter?

If the Customer Experience Officer doesn’t feel their current initiatives are successful, they can begin to determine what needs to be changed. On the other hand, if the initiatives are a success, the CXO can focus time and effort on improving the already positive results and thinking of new ways to foster a better customer journey.

When it comes to the customer experience, a Customer Experience Officer will always need to review the efforts of their CSM team and the current sentiment of the company with current and past customers. It’s important to listen to both positive and negative feedback.

Keeping in contact with customers will ensure you fully understand how they feel, and you can resolve any customer experience issues before they decide they want to end their business relationship with your company.

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