November 20, 2019

How Would You Rate Your Company's Client Experience? 3 Tips For Success

How Would You Rate Your Company's Client Experience? 3 Tips For Success

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Client experience, otherwise known as CX, is something you will hear often as you determine how to design and implement your product solutions for your clients. A positive client experience is crucial for long-term (and even short-term) success. In simple terms, the client experience is the interaction a person has with an organization and/or their product or service.

While this is what it boils down to, the client experience is far more than that. It involves any and all touch points an individual or customer account may have with the company, including (but not limited to) social media, in-person training, over the phone/web support, and sales meetings.

Along with touch points, the client experience involves any positive or negative feedback the customer may have about their journey. While every company desires purely positive feedback, negative client experiences don’t have to be the end all be all. In fact, constructive feedback can help propel your company to new heights it conveys what type of interaction your client is having with your product/solution.

Read on to learn more about what you can implement to bring your company's client experience to a whole new level:

Tip #1: Provide Opportunities for Client Education/Training

When your clients begin using your product or service, it's unlikely they will be an expert right off the bat. In fact, they are going to need help and resources during and beyond initial onboarding to find true value from your company’s offerings. With ample access to education and training, your clients will feel more connected to your product and to your CSM team.

The benefit of training and education to improve the client experience doesn't end there. You’ll find that your clients will turn to you as a trusted partner with their company; a team they can turn to with challenges who will help them identify real solutions. It's possible they may even become your biggest advocated and begin sharing your product with others who need your company’s offerings.

Tip #2: Gain Valuable Feedback from Clients

The client experience is ultimately about one group: your end customers. In order to provide them with the greatest experience possible, you must listen – really listen – to what they have to say when they take the time to provide feedback about their experience with your company. Since we all want the best reviews and feedback, it can be tempting to reach out to those who will be willing to provide the most positive comments about their experience with your company.

However, it's crucial to listen to clients who haven’t had the best experience. Clients who haven't found your product to be the solution they need for their company have an immense amount of knowledge to share with your customer success team. They will be able to point out what provided them with a negative client experience. Issues from poor implementation, lack of access to support/resources, or untimely communication can help you garner what needs to be improved for current and future clients to have an exceptional experience. It's also possible you may win them back as a client just by taking the time to listen to what they have to say and offer them real solutions.

Tip #3: Embrace a Culture of Providing Positive Client Experiences

Everyone at your company must be willing and able to provide the best client experience to everyone who clicks, calls, or comes through the door. When employees throughout the entire organization understand their impact on the client experience, you can expect to see happier clients and less customer churn. This begins with the highest levels and management and trickles down to everyone else at the company – yes, everyone. This level of dedication to a positive client experience will be evident to all of your clients and will help you increase your customer retention.

The client experience is all about positive interactions at every level within your organization and product. To foster the best experience possible, put yourself in the mind of your client and decide if the experience you are providing is a negative or positive one. After you evaluate your current client experience your company provides, contact us to learn how we can help you provide customer success that scales with you.

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