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April 28, 2021

ClientSuccess Strengthens Leadership Team with New Customer Success Executive

ClientSuccess Strengthens Leadership Team with New Customer Success Executive

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Silicon Slopes, Utah, April 28, 2021 -- ClientSuccess, a leading Customer Success Platform, announced today that Kristi Faltorusso has joined their executive leadership team as Vice President of Customer Success.

Faltorusso brings over a decade of experience in Customer Success leadership. As the VP of Customer Success, Kristi will oversee the entire post-sales customer journey and customer experience, including leading the customer success, consulting, and support teams. Prior to joining ClientSuccess Kristi built, scaled and transformed Customer Success teams at organizations like IntelliShift, BetterCloud, Sisense and BrightEdge. Kristi has also been recognized by SuccessHACKER as a 2020 Top 25 Customer Success Influencer and by HigherLogic as a 2021 Engagement Expert. Faltorusso also sits on the Board of Advisors for and PracticalCSM. In March 2020, Kristi also launched her own brand, CS Real Simple, as a content experience to serve the CS Community in simplifying the practice of Customer Success.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Kristi to our executive leadership team,” said Dave Blake, Founder/CEO of ClientSuccess. “Kristi’s reputation precedes her as being one of the most passionate, insightful and inspiring customer success leaders in SaaS. She’s demonstrated her ability to transform customer success teams to deliver exceptional experiences for customers, and has shown selfless commitment to give back generously to the customer success community. We’re on a quest to be the global leader in customer success, and I have confidence that Kristi will be the right customer success leader to help us do so.”

“Having watched the journey of ClientSuccess over many years, it was an easy decision to join the team”, said Kristi Faltorusso Vice President of Customer Success at ClientSuccess. “Their commitment to customers and innovation is aligned with my philosophy on customer success and they’re exactly the type of team I want to be a part of. ClientSuccess has a bold vision to change the game of post-sales customer management and I can’t wait to help execute that vision.”

About ClientSuccess:

ClientSuccess is a leading customer success platform that empowers B2B SaaS companies to proactively manage post-sales customer relationships, measure customer health, maximize customer retention and growth, and create a culture of customer success. The ClientSuccess platform was crafted for customer success teams looking to define, scale and execute their customer success strategy. The award-winning software solution is a consistent industry leader in user experience and time-to-value, and was awarded the prestigious SIIA CODiE Award winner for the Best Customer Success Solution in 2020. Global customers such as Reward Gateway, Symphony Talent, PracticeIgnition, and Grand Rounds rely on ClientSuccess to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive strong revenue retention and growth.


Mark Stoddard
VP, Marketing & Sales

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