July 27, 2016

ClientSuccess Announces the Inaugural CS100 Conference for Executives and Leaders

ClientSuccess Announces the Inaugural CS100 Conference for Executives and Leaders

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We, the ClientSuccess team, are excited to announce our inaugural CS100 Summit—the premiere conference for customer success executives and leaders.

The CS100 Summit will take place September 13-15, 2016 at the St. Regis Hotel in Park City, Utah and will attract 100 customer success executives traveling in from across the world for an exclusive 3-day learning event.

The CS100 Summit will bring customer success executives, leaders, and innovators together to focus on ideation, strategies, and real-world applications of customer success.

Why Become a CS100

Our vision of the CS100 Summit is to create the industry’s first summit built exclusively for customer success executives and leaders in pristine locations around the world. Join us this fall as we embark on this vision with 100 customer success leaders, executives, and innovators in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah.

Customer success executives and thought leaders in the Software as a Service (SaaS) space will be featured as speakers at the CS100 Summit.

Several of the incredible CS100 speakers in the lineup include:


We'll release additional speaker information each week leading up to the CS100 Summit, so stay tuned for updates here!

CS100 topics covered include:

  • Best practices to discuss customer success at the board and executive level
  • Metrics and KPIs to align company, departments, and teams around customer success
  • Customer success as a culture. Dev, product, marketing, sales, customer success and support alignment
  • Latest trends and strategies for revenue retention and expansion (growth)
  • Best practices to build and scale your customer success organization
  • How and when to build out your customer success team
  • Developing customer success managers into future leaders
  • Customer health and revenue risk management
  • Proactive customer success strategies
  • Best practices on customer lifecycle and journey management
  • Customer success marketing. Building brand equity and success with marketing alignment
  • Customer listening strategies and techniques

And much more.

Interested in Attending CS100?

Register soon. Seats are limited and going fast. Make sure you don’t miss out on the number one customer success executive summit of the year. We are currently offering early bird pricing.

Those who register prior to August 15 are eligible for early bird pricing at $399, a $200 discount. After August 15, the registration cost will increase to $599.

Register to attend the CS100 Summit or learn more by visiting:

We're excited to see you at the CS100 Summit.

In preparation for the CS100 Summit. Here are a few eBooks with best practices, models, and advice to scale your customer success organization.

Customer Success eBooks

5 Ways to Surprise & Delight Your Customers

Customer Success as a Culture: Customer Success Leaders Edition

Customer Success as a Culture: Sales Leaders Edition

Are you looking to place all customer health, insights, contacts, actions, and history in one place? You can request a 30-minute demo of our customer success management platform to see how.

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