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May 16, 2017

ClientSuccess Announces Second Annual CS100 Summit Conference: September 11-13, 2017 at Sundance, Utah

ClientSuccess Announces Second Annual CS100 Summit Conference: September 11-13, 2017 at Sundance, Utah

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The second annual CS100 Summit will bring together 100 top customer success executives, leaders, and innovators in an exclusive learning environment of inspiration, ideation, strategy, and real-world application around customer success.

SILICON SLOPES, UTAH - May 16, 2017: - ClientSuccess, a customer success management software company, recently announced its will host its second CS100 Summit. The Summit will attract 100 customer success executives traveling in from across the nation for an exclusive 3-day learning environment. The CS100 Summit will take place September 11-13 at the pristine Sundance Mountain Resort, Robert Redford’s resort in Provo Canyon, which was the starting place of the Sundance Film Festival. The Summit will bring customer success executives together to focus on inspiration, ideation, strategy, and real-world application. Customer success executives and thought leaders in the SaaS (Software as a Service) space will be featured as speakers at the CS100 Summit.

Patrick Woods, Keen IO, and an attendee from the inaugural CS100 Summit, said this after his experience: “If not the best conference I have ever been to, the CS100 Summit was certainly the most helpful. It was the perfect duration and the schedule was chalk full of valuable content and amazing thought leaders that had incredible insight to share. I have nothing but positive feedback, and I'll be one of the first to buy tickets for the CS100 2017 Summit."

“At ClientSuccess, we believe that much value is gained when executives come together to learn from one another, share openly from experience, and build lasting peer relationships,” said Dave Blake, Founder and CEO of ClientSuccess. “The CS100 Summit was born out of a need to inspire, learn, strategize, and share ideas with one another, all with the focus of customer success. Our team is incredibly passionate about helping those in the customer success field succeed in new and innovative ways, and the CS100 Summit is our way of providing this value. We are excited to learn alongside our attendees at this year’s event!”

Those who register prior to July 31 are eligible for early bird pricing at $999, a $200 discount. After July 31, the registration cost will increase to $1,199. Register to attend the CS100 Summit or learn more by visiting: CS100 Summit

About ClientSuccess

ClientSuccess is customer success management software that helps companies build relationships that last™. Revolutionizing the way SaaS companies manage, retain, and grow their existing customer base, ClientSuccess provides customer success leaders actionable insights, rich customer analytics, and best practices to proactively manage success throughout the customer lifecycle. ClientSuccess helps SaaS companies increase renewal and expansion revenue, reduce churn, and maximize the lifetime value of the customer.

About CS100 Summit

The CS100 Summit provides customer success executives an exclusive learning environment with like-minded executives in a pristine location to create an atmosphere of inspiration, ideation, strategy, and real-world application around customer success. Learn more at

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