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ClientSuccess and Salesforce
What’s the difference and why do I need both?

Why do I need ClientSuccess when I already have Salesforce?

For companies that are using Salesforce they sometimes question whether they need to invest in a Customer Success platform like ClientSuccess. Scroll through below to understand why the most customer-centric companies are using BOTH ClientSuccess and Salesforce.  

CRM Integration
Health Trend
Better insights into customer health

In a customer success context it’s critical to understand both the current health of a customer, but also be able to see how their health is trending. Getting on a phone with a customer that is trending down requires much different action than one that is trending up.  ClientSuccess is built to show you detailed insights about how customer health is trending, and why it’s moving up or down. In order to see trends like this in Salesforce it requires custom development work to build, deploy, and maintain data tables to house this information. All of which leads to more expenses and complexity.  

Better stay on top of customer lifecycles

CSMs need to manage multiple customers as they move through the stages of the customer journey from onboarding to renewal.  ClientSuccess gives your CSMs the ability to great tailored playbooks that equip CSMs with all they knowledge necessary to know what do and when. With Salesforce this requires custom objects that need you need to build, train your team on, and then maintain.

Define Key Milestones
Easily keep all customer communications in one place

Staying up to date with all customer conversations, notes, emails, and calls is key to maintaining a great relationship. In ClientSuccess, all your conversations are found in one simple, searchable, app so everyone can quickly stay up to date on all conversations. While that information can also live in Salesforce, customer notes and conversations can be scattered among multiple objects making it really hard to quickly see the most important information.  

Supercharge your customer reporting

ClientSuccess combines all your customer data to generate impactful reports that show you revenue, health, and forecast trends with a focus on delivering unique insights about your existing customers. While Salesforce has very powerful reporting capabilities, it mainly reports on the data in the system which leads to reporting that is heavily weighted to your sales and marketing team, but perhaps not as insightful for your customer success team.

Revenue Growth
The best companies use BOTH

Salesforce is the system of record for many of the world’s best companies. Our customers don’t try to change that, rather they understand the limitations of Salesforce for their customer success team and use ClientSuccess to enhance both systems through a seamless integration between the two. 

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