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New Salesforce Integration With ClientSuccess Available for Clients and Contacts

We’re excited to announce our latest product update that expands the ClientSuccess integration reach with Salesforce. This continues driving our mission to consolidate your customer data in one place and provide the insights you need to deliver customer success.

ClientSuccess’ new integration with Salesforce provides management of Client and Contact data, with a focus on field mappings between ClientSuccess and Salesforce. As part of the integration, you’ll also have control over sync frequency and direction.

About the Integration
The Salesforce integration provides the following functionality:

  1. Map Salesforce Account data fields (default setting, can map to another object if desired) to ClientSuccess Clients
  2. Map Salesforce Contact data fields (default setting, can map to another object if desired) to ClientSuccess Contacts
  3. Define your criteria for which Salesforce Accounts and Contacts will be synced to ClientSuccess Clients and Contacts
  4. Determine sync direction between ClientSuccess and SFDC for each Salesforce Account and/or Contact field
  5. Set sync frequency (default is every 15 minutes but can be customized)
  6. Option to enable automatic syncing for Engagements from ClientSuccess to Salesforce

Getting Started
All new clients will implement the new integration. Many of our current customers have already made or started the migration. Because the current version will be phased out and retired, we encourage you to complete the migration as soon as possible.

To get started, schedule an introductory call with your CSM.

On Another CRM?
HubSpot and Pipedrive CRMs are going to be utilizing this same technology. If you’re interested in participating in beta, please contact your CSM.


The ClientSuccess Team

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