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Searching For New Customer Success Software? What You Need to Know!

As a customer success department manager or leader, you’re constantly looking for new tools and solutions to help your team reach the highest output possible. While process improvement solutions make it easier for CSMs to track and manage their workload, customer success-specific platforms are also designed to track detailed data and metrics specific to customer engagement and satisfaction. So, how are you supposed to choose??

Here are some considerations to take into account when looking for a new customer success platform:

1. Customer lifecycle: A customer success platform shouldn’t just focus on onboarding, retention, or implementation. Instead, your software should be able to grow and expand in functionality along with where your customer is in its lifecycle.

2. Your team’s internal goals: How does this platform help your team meet its internal goals? From streamlining internal processes to making it easier for executive team leaders to see how customers are faring, your customer success software should provide the functionality necessary for your internal team to operate at the highest level.

3. Customer access: On the other side of the customer success coin are your customers themselves, who are looking for detailed insight and metrics into how end users are leveraging your solution. With customer access to this information (or, at the very least, transparency into this data), your team can deliver a much-asked-for advantage over your competition.

4. Integrations: Customer success has never been, nor will it ever be an isolated department. Investing in a tech stack designed for your team and your customers should be open-source in that it is easy for your internal tools (Slack, for example) and even other vendors to tap into the functionality of your new solution.

5. Functionality: Finally, functionality is one of the most significant considerations when looking for new customer success platforms. Does the platform provide more access and insights than your team is currently working with? Does the functionality make it easier for your CSMs to do their jobs properly? Will the ‘bells and whistles’ impact customers on a day-to-day basis?

Ready to get started?

With ClientSuccess, your team can leverage best-in-class CRM and project management capabilities and industry-leading customer success-specific functionality and insights. With all the tools your team needs to be successful at its fingertips, your CSMs – and your customers – will reap the benefits.

You can learn more about the functionality available on the ClientSuccess platform with these additional resources:

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