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Is Your Customer Success Platform Future-Proof? 

Over the last decade or so, the role of the Customer Success Manager has exploded, due in large part to SaaS organizations and updated onboard models. While this industry growth has resulted in increased levels of customer satisfaction, it has also put the role and KPIs of CSMs squarely at the forefront of many organization’s and executive’s strategic decision processes. The increased visibility of the customer success function introduced the need for the customer success technology platform, and the industry hasn’t looked back since.

With so much growth behind us – and an incredible amount of projected change to come – customer success leaders should be asking themselves: are our team and tools future-proof? The industry growth shows no signs of slowing down, and customer success leaders must have the tools and resources to keep up with this innovation.

Why you need a customer success platform

Customer success is top-of-mind for every SaaS executive and board member, which means that the numbers, metrics, and KPIs that measure success are more important than ever before. With a dedicated customer success platform, CSMs and team leaders can effectively drive customer adoption, retention, and growth and track their success. Additionally, as customers move through the customer journey, a customer success platform provides visibility and accountability to customer success teams to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks in the process.

Is your customer success platform future-proof?

In order to continue to deliver amazing customer experiences and provide your customers with the support they’ve come to expect from your team, your customer success platform needs to keep up with the innovative space. Here are a few things to look for to ensure your customer success platform can grow with your team and your customer’s needs:

  1. Your customer success platform tracks and manages every aspect of your customer accounts. The first sign that your platform is ready to grow with your team is that it actually does what you need it to do: manage the onboarding, adoption, retention, and growth of your customer accounts. 
  2. The platform’s support team is constantly monitoring for bugs and updates. Knowing your customer success platform vendor team is dedicated to mitigating risk, fixing bugs, and updating their solution for the future can set your mind at ease for long-term use.  
  3. Your customer success platform allows your team to project long-term customer journey strategies. Customer account plans can change a month or a year in the future. If your current customer success platform doesn’t allow for long-term account planning or forecasting, it might be time to look for another solution that can make an impact down the road. 
  4. All of your customer success data is securely stored in a flexible, accessible cloud-based system. While planning for the future means looking ahead, it also requires making sure that all of your past data, content, and metrics are securely stored and easily accessible. Working with a cloud-based customer success platform ensures that your team is set up for success both in the present and the future.

Want to learn more?

The world of customer success is constantly growing and changing, and ClientSuccess is at the forefront of this innovation. You can learn more about ClientSuccess here or through these other resources:

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