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eBook: Customer Success Leaders Edition—Scaling Your Customer Success Team


Customer success teams have gone through strategic changes and growth over the past few years. This important strategy and business focus drives toward the outcome of retaining and growing your customer base. As you continue to adapt and change your customer success strategies and tactics, remember this key focus–customer success is not a department, it’s a culture.

We are passionate about customer success and it’s positive outcome—building relationships that last™. In our latest eBook, our team at ClientSuccess interviewed 7 customer success leaders from companies like Act-On, Emarsys, Sigstr,, and others. These customer success leaders are at the forefront of these changes and have incredible advice they’ve learned by actually going through the process and learning firsthand.

Our newest eBook entitled “Customer Success as a Culture: Customer Leaders Edition”, shares best practices focused on the strategic and tactical aspects of building and scaling effective customer success teams. Throughout the eBook, each leader addresses a series of tactical and strategic topics that are incredibly relevant to customer success leaders today, including:

  • Hiring and interview questions
  • Scaling customer success teams
  • Effectively training new CSMs
  • Determining salaries and quotas
  • Evaluating tools to support their CSMs
  • Getting support from the entire company
  • Building a company culture around customer success
  • Vocalizing customer concerns with executives
  • And more                   

As customer success continues move to the forefront of SaaS strategies, we’re excited to share this eBook to foster ideas, innovation, and evolution that will help transform your company to successfully put customers at the center.

Download your copy of “Customer Success as a Culture: Customer Leaders Edition” today, and download the full “Customer Success as a Culture” eBook collection below:

Customer Success as a Culture: Sales Leaders Edition

Customer Success as a Culture: Product Leaders Edition

Customer Success as a Culture: Marketing Leaders Edition

Learn more about how ClientSuccess can help your company develop a strong customer success methodology and strategy with easy-to-use customer success software by requesting a 30-minute demo.

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