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Dreamforce 2015: Follow #SuccessRace and Win!


It’s hard to believe that Dreamforce 2015 is just around the corner – only a few more days until we’re all back in San Francisco. ClientSuccess is introducing our first annual #SuccessRace at #DF15, and we want you to participate – either in person at Dreamforce or virtually via Twitter.

Throughout the week of Dreamforce, we’ll be hiding 8 mystery boxes full of cool electronics and other cool gifts (think Apple Watch, Bose headphones, bluetooth speakers, cool swag, and more) at secret locations and landmarks around the Dreamforce campus and San Francisco. Each day, we’ll tweet out photo hints of the secret location using the hashtag #SuccessRace. The first person to find the box wins! [Note: The winner must be an attendee of Dreamforce (show your badge) OR be a customer success manager/leader (local CSM teams are welcome to participate), AND be a follower of @ClientSuccess on Twitter.]

4 easy steps to participate at Dreamforce:

  • Follow @ClientSuccess and #SuccessRace and watch for clues about the secret location
  • Use the clues to figure out the location and race to be the first one to grab the blue ClientSuccess branded box
  • If you will be at Dreamforce or if you’re a customer success manager in the Bay Area, be sure to follow @ClientSuccess and tweet “I’m in the #SuccessRace” to @ClientSuccess so we can DM you an early hint for the first box so you have a head start.


Not at Dreamforce? No problem. Participate virtually and still have an opportunity to win:

  • Follow @ClientSuccess and use the #SuccessRace hashtag
  • Reply to the hints with your guess about the location of the hidden box
  • Team up with your friends who are attending Dreamforce by helping them to win a #SuccessRace and you can share the loot!

The top 10 socially active participants will be entered into a drawing for their own box–the same as those given out at Dreamforce. Hey, 1 in 10 isn’t bad odds!

For those at Dreamforce, we’d also like to meet you in person and share more about ClientSuccess, or just talk shop. To schedule a time to meet with me or a member of our team, reach out to us on twitter @ClientSuccess or simply schedule an appointment with us using the button below.

Schedule Appointment

See you at Dreamforce and best of luck in the #SuccessRace!

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