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DemoChimp Sees 20% Lift in Customer Health with ClientSuccess


DemoChimp began in early 2013 with one mission: help their clients scale marketing and sales by intelligently automating the product demonstration. Headquartered in Utah, DemoChimp is Software as a Service (SaaS) company that automates custom product demos to accelerate sales.

The Challenge

The function of client success was introduced at DemoChimp in August of 2014 — around the same time that Brian Zurcher, Director of Client Success, was hired to manage and grow all 75 accounts, which ranged from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies.

While doing his best to manage so many clients on his own, Brian was constantly challenged by having to juggle numerous projects and tasks, many of which were falling through the cracks. Clients would ask Brian questions and he didn’t have a reference because he wasn’t there when the client first came onboard. “There were no notes, so when clients would bring up things from the past, it was 100% manual and took forever to gather the information. There was lot of frustration from both parties.”

DemoChimp wanted a way to proactively manage clients throughout the entire lifecycle based on best practice customer success methodologies.

The Solution

Brian and the team at DemoChimp researched solutions to help them manage client relationships more effectively, and selected ClientSuccessas their partner in August of 2014.

For each new DemoChimp client that comes onboard, Brian sets up a kickoff planning meeting to better assess the client’s needs and to gather more information about their goals for their use of DemoChimp. Brian then uses the ClientSuccess platform to record those goals and determines which “SuccessCycle” (which allows users to define, manage and measure methodology for driving success throughout the lifecycle) to assign to that particular client.

The team at DemoChimp also uses ClientSuccess to reference how their content team is progressing in making the demos for clients.

Finally, Brian leverages ClientSuccess to manage the unique renewal process for each client. He tracks these renewals along with how engaged his points of contact are and is then able to start the process with the client accordingly. Approximately 90 days out from renewal, he begins a drip process of engagement, which allows him to be much more proactive.

The Results

In less than five months, the overall knowledge base of clients at DemoChimp has increased dramatically in terms of understanding where each client is within their defined lifecycle and knowing whether each client is on track for success. Brian commented that, “I’m no longer juggling 75 balls waiting for one to slip. I, along with my executive team, have a lot more comfort in understanding where clients are within the lifecycle.”

Brian and his team can also take pulse of each client and have the ability gauge all clients in a single view to see who may be at risk and when the last activity date was. This way, DemoChimp can easily identify “emergency clients” that they need to track closely as well as understand which clients are having good success.

According to Brian, “In terms of tracking clients and understanding them better, the overall ‘pulse’ of clients (a personal perspective on customer health) has increased dramatically since using ClientSuccess simply because of the ability to track and follow SuccessCycles. It’s allowed me to be more proactive and has driven the overall client pulse up to a 20% improvement from where average client pulse was before we first started using ClientSuccess. In the past, we were virtually blindfolded going into client calls – now with ClientSuccess, I’m able to do a lot more consulting and it’s much more collaborative.”

Interested in learning more about how DemoChimp is using ClientSuccess to proactively manage their customer relationships as well as their vision for the future? Find the entire case study here.



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