Recorded Customer Success Webinar: The One Question That Will Transform Your Customer Success Strategy

October 8, 2018

Burke Alder

Customer Success Strategist

ClientSuccess hosted Greg Daines (The Churn Whisper), Founder and CEO at Client Velocity, for this month’s customer success webinar series: The One Question that Will Transform Your Customer Success Strategy. Greg introduced a simple customer success question that will help you and your organization become truly customer centric.

Watch this customer success webinar and learn the one question backed by research and data that will help your customers stay and grow.

Greg Daines, the webinar presenter, is highly-rated speaker at the CS100 Summit, a Customer Success Leadership Summit. Greg also helps SaaS customer success leaders increase retention, accelerate sales, and reignite growth by thinking differently about how they approach customer success. Greg is known for his thought provoking and data supported presentations on customer success.

You will love this webinar.

About this Customer Success Leadership Webinar

In this webinar, Greg will give you tips and best practices to help your team and organization truly become customer centric. Greg says, “Nearly all companies say that they are customer-centric. But this simply can’t be true. In spite of often high NPS scores and other customer satisfaction indicators, far too many companies are stuck in a cycle of tepid growth and unsustainable levels of customer churn. If being customer centric isn’t about making your customers happy, then what is it about?” Greg will answer this question with research and data that will help you refocus your customer success resources and strategy.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Customer Success Trap!

Greg will explain that customer success confusion stems from a simple error in how we frame the key questions of growth. In our quest for growth we commonly ask two fundamental questions: “Why do customers join?”, and “Why do customers leave?” Both questions are completely logical and intuitive. We expect that answering these questions – by working to maximize sales and minimize churn – will lead to durable growth. But it’s a trap. In this webinar, Greg will introduce you to the one simple question that will help you transform your customer success strategy.

Watch the Recorded Webinar

Webinar: The One Question that Will Transform Your Customer Success Strategy
Date Held: Thursday, October 24th, 11:00 AM (MST)

Watch Now

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The one simple question that will transform your customer success strategy
  • How to develop a success analysis of your customer base
  • Why you should stop studying failure to understand customer success
  • How to develop a process to know why your customers stay with you
  • The process to identify, select, and conduct customer research that will tell you why they stay
  • Research data that supports the focus on the new question Greg will unveil
  • Why customers leave when they no longer have a compelling reason to stay
  • And many more insights to give you ideas to succeed in customer success

Your Presenter

Greg Daines, Founder and CEO at Client Velocity, a customer success consulting firm that helps organizations design and deploy high-performing playbooks that radically reduce churn, accelerate sales, and reignite your growth.

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