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Customer Success as a Culture — How QuotaFactory Elevates Customer Success


To succeed with customer success at your organization, it takes alignment and collaboration with Sales. We interviewed and asked 7 industry leading sales executives their advice on how they put customers first throughout the sales process at their particular companies. Today we’ll highlight Paul Alves, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at QuotaFactory. In this post, we’ll briefly explore his approach to customer success alignment as it relates to his sales team.

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About QuotaFactory

Based in Massachusetts, QuotaFactory is an account-based prospecting methodology and technology platform supported by helpful service and coaching. They put your sales reps in the optimal position to achieve success by increasing monthly conversions to forecast by up to 60%.          

How QuotaFactory Aligns With Customers                       

Paul works directly with his customer success team and customers to set proper expectations, from implementation and on an ongoing basis to ensure 100% user adoption and best practice usage.

A big part of Paul’s job is to ensure every single customer’s expectations are exceeded every step of the way. Paul explained, “Having a plan in place, relentless execution and improvement of that plan along with constant communication both internally and externally, enables us to keep our commitment for 100% customer satisfaction. Our customers will tell us what they need. As long as we are constantly communicating with them and responding accordingly, customer satisfaction will remain high. We will not rest until every rep on the QuotaFactory platform exceeds quota!”

Learning From Customers

When seeking customer input, Paul explained that, “Given our platform is supported heavily by our customer success and coaching teams, we are receiving constant feedback. Input from our internal team of SDRs and customer teams, is the number one driver of product enhancements.”

Our quarterly learning events will be another great way to engage with our customers face to face. “I, as well as my team, will be attending each event and facilitating customer feedback roundtables with a goal of incorporating customer feedback into our product and process,” said Paul. “The prospecting process and technology are constantly evolving, and it is important to be on the cutting edge of that evolution.”           

Advice to Sales Leaders

His advice for other sales leaders is direct and to the point: “Be sure to add value with every interaction and make customer success your number one priority. If the customer gets what they need, everyone wins.”

Read Paul’s full contribution to the ebook entitled, “Customer Success as a Culture: Sales Leaders Edition” and learn from 6 other sales executives like Paul.

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