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CSMs: Nail Your Customer Business Reviews

Most CSMs, especially those working in SaaS, meet with their customers regularly, even weekly. They constantly check in with key contacts so that nothing slips through the cracks in the progress plan. Sometimes, however, a more extensive, more focused discussion is warranted to take stock of how a customer is progressing against its goals. This is called a Customer Business Review. 

What is a Customer Business Review

The concept of a business review is a common one that spans departments and industries. Many organizations do internal business reviews and audits of employees and departments to ensure goals and KPIs are met. Sales teams run business reviews to keep salespeople on track toward their goals. And customer success departments can run business reviews with customers to look at how a product or platform is delivering on the business objectives they’re looking to solve, where benchmarks were not met, and discuss plans or changes for the future.

Customer Business Review Tips and Tricks

Whether your CSM team will be delivering your first Customer Business Reviews in 2022 or if you’re looking for new ways to nail your current Business Review process, here are some tips and tricks to put into action this year:

  • Have the right people in the room. 

Customer Business Reviews can be critical to looking back at where a customer has been and steering the customer toward a thriving future – but only if the right people are available for this critical conversation. Put your Business Review meeting on the calendar early, book an adequate amount of time, and ensure the right stakeholders from both sides can attend.

  • Understand your data (and have answers on deck). 

Customer Business Reviews are all about reviewing the numbers and data to show a customer exactly how well your product or service is delivering on their goals. Make sure you have access to as much (and more!) data as possible and that you understand what these numbers are saying. Practice presenting this information to the customer to anticipate questions and prepare answers. 

  • Focus on delivery. 

When delivering a presentation full of numbers and data analysis, information can get dense quickly. Prepare your Review in the most precise, straightforward way possible, using a template or marketing-approved presentation. Try to hit the sweet spot between conversational laypeople’s terms and analytical Review for maximum impact.

  • Highlight the importance of the Review. 

Business Reviews are a crucial part of a customer lifecycle and should be treated as such. Bring in other department resources to review your Business Review deck before the presentation. Highlight the importance of the Review with both your internal and customer team by requiring confirmation of attendance, sending a concise agenda, and recording your presentation for later Review.

Want to learn more? 

If you are looking to sum up Customer Business Reviews in a single word, it’s preparation. By planning ahead – yes, even a year ahead – and ensuring your CSMs are confident in the subject matter they’re presenting, your team can deliver flawless Business Reviews to customers and keep your accounts moving forward this year.

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