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CSM from the Trenches – SoapBox Team Shout-Out

Being on the CSM frontline allows us to directly influence the success of our clients. I love that; as our clients are successful, we’re successful. We’re lucky to have this CSM shout-out come from Jessica Weisz, COO of SoapBox. Jessica absolutely loves her customer success team. Let’s move forward with this week’s blog post!

CSM from the Trenches – SoapBox Customer Success Team Shout-Out

Company: SoapBox
Location: Toronto, Ontario
From: Jessica Weisz, COO, SoapBox
To: Her Customer Success Team
Team: Jill, Amy, Amna, Adam, Stephanie, and Nick

What Makes the SoapBox Customer Success Team So Special?

What makes them so special is that they’re caring for each other and their customers. This translates into a great customer-centric culture, where each team member is happy and looks forward to helping in any manner they can. They’re there to show each other (and customers) what to do, help with problems, and teach them the “SoapBox way”. Unsurprisingly, this is because of their helpful mindsets, collaboration, and caring attitudes.

The same can be said towards the way they interact with customers, as team members look to be the voice of the customer in articulating needs. Then, as a team, customer success seeks to address those needs.

This is the heart of why SoapBox is and will continue to be successful. In order to have a high-performing team, team members need to work and solve problems together and help each other to be better.

What is a Challenge the SoapBox Customer Success Team Had Recently, and How Did the Team React?

Evolving or re-training some of our customers and introducing new elements of how to use the product are recent challenges the CS team has had to tackle. I admire that my team takes a long-term view of change.

Customers weren’t launching a certain feature enough, one where we knew people got value. The customer success team reacted by coming up with a new approach to train and spread the word with their customers. This wasn’t their first kick at the can; they had been at this for a while. They’re persistent and recognize that things happen in small tweaks and iterations along the way.

How Does the SoapBox Customer Success Team Go Above-and-Beyond the Call of Duty?

Their goal is to make each customer’s SoapBox interaction (whether it’s a phone call or other meeting) the best part of the customer’s day. Our team tries to take a very specific and unique need to make each interaction special.

They do this in two parts: (1) addressing the need and coming up with solutions as opposed to just running through the playbook standard, and (2) finding ways to add sparkle, joy, fun, and happiness to those interactions.

What are Some Best Practices that Make the SoapBox Customer Success Team Successful?

Our CS team makes sure to hold good, effective meetings (in fact, they use our own tool, SoapBox, to facilitate these meetings). One meeting in particular is held at the end of the week – we call it the “Friday Recap”. This is where they come forward with any ideas, issues, questions or best practices. Whether it’s digging deeper into a customer issue or discussing other topics in full transparency, they make sure to do this on the weekly. This dedicated time enables them to work together and capitalize on their collective brains.

SoapBox makes software solutions that help leaders, managers and employees have conversations about the things that matter most to motivation and performance. From one-on-ones to team-meetings to company-wide conversations, SoapBox builds a culture of healthy communication.


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