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CS100 Speaker Preview: Tony Nadalin – Operationalizing Customer Success with the 3 R’s Framework


Tony Nadalin, Group VP, Customer Success at Oracle, was recently announced as a speaker at the upcoming CS100 Summit, the premiere conference for customer success executives and leaders.

The CS100 Summit will take place September 13-15, 2016 at the St. Regis Hotel in Park City, Utah and will attract 100 customer success executives traveling in from across the world for an exclusive 3-day learning event. Customer success executives, leaders, and innovators will come together to focus on ideation, strategies, and real-world applications of customer success.

Tony brings with him learnings from a career built on creating cultures around customer success, having also spent time in customer support functions. At the CS100 Summit, Tony will share from his incredible experience, but in advance, we want to give our attendees a sneak peek into just a few things he’ll discuss:

Operationalizing Customer Success – The Three R’s Framework of Customer Success

During his session at the CS100 Summit, Tony will reach from personal experience to share how attendees can truly operationalize the customer success function from top to bottom. According to Tony, many organizations spend countless cycles talking about the vision and ideal end stage of what the function and customer success department could and should look like. However, he expresses that the tactical roadmap of what needs to be operationalized across the different factors is what’s most critical. Tony will share how to make customer success real in an organization by using the 3 R’s framework:

  • Relationship Management
  • Risk Management
  • Revenue Management

Leaders need to understand what customer success looks like day to day, week to week, and month to month in their own unique organizations. What should CSMs be focused on in their roles? What should the managers be focused on in their respective roles? And how about the manager’s manager? What does the customer experience look like, and how is it measured? In his session, Tony will get tactical by providing step-by-step advice to help customer success leaders turn concept into reality.

Start Thinking About THIS Before the CS100 Summit

Tony explained that, “Moving from a usage narrative to a value narrative and then understanding how to equate value to revenue is essential. In every CSM organization that I’ve run, I’ve viewed my role as a CRO or a ‘revenue creator’ and not a ‘revenue maintainer’. There’s a very big distinction between the two. If you understand your role as a revenue creator, then it’s imperative to understand the narrative with the customer and how it relates to creating revenue.”

Tony went on to explain that the mutual value exchange between a customer and a CSM is so key to the function of customer success. Without the value exchange, conversations become tactical with a focus on product and usage, which are quickly commoditized. He believes this type of conversation moves a CSM down the organizational chain until he or she is talking to users instead of decision makers. Tony will share from personal experiences how to create mutual value across the entire customer success continuum to avoid tactical feature focused conversations.

Morning Hike, Anyone?

Tony is looking forward to engaging and learning from other leaders at the CS100 Summit. He believes customer success is such a young space and has so many different perspectives—all of which are right. Because of the many perspectives that will be represented at the Summit, Tony is excited to meet others and learn from their unique experiences. He’s also grateful for the opportunity to provide inspiration to others.

And the morning hike? Tony can’t wait to experience the fresh Utah morning air with other customer success leaders. Could there possibly be a better way to start a day of learning and inspiration? We don’t think so.

Interested in attending the CS100 Summit and hearing from Tony along with many others firsthand? Don’t miss out! Register to attend today:

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