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CS100 Speaker Preview: Stacey Bishop – The Investors Perspective on Customer Success


Stacey Bishop, Partner at Scale Venture Partners was recently announced as a speaker at the upcoming CS100 Summit, the premiere conference for customer success executives and leaders.

The CS100 Summit will take place September 13-15, 2016 at the St. Regis Hotel in Park City, Utah and will attract 100 customer success executives traveling in from across the world for an exclusive 3-day learning event. Customer success executives, leaders, and innovators will come together to focus on ideation, strategies, and real-world applications of customer success.

Stacey brings with her a fun and addicting energy centered around making a company human by centering the focus on all things customer success. At the CS100 Summit, Stacey will share from her incredible experience, but in advance, we want to give our attendees a sneak peek into just a few things she’ll discuss:

Customer Success Is a Must Have for a Successful Business

Stacey is a very firm believer that customer success is not a nice to have, but it’s a must have.

She explained that customer success actually touches every business function and needs buy-in from the entire team: from the CEO to product leadership to sales executives to finance administrators and even business development representatives.

In terms of focus areas for customer success throughout the organization, Stacey explained that, “Crucial elements like the product and product improvements can help retain and grow customers. The sales team needs to target the right prospects and also think about long term value – not just closing the deal in the here and now. The finance team needs to be flexible enough to enable product experimentation, and the list goes on. Literally every area of the business impacts the customer, and therefore customer success should be an entire company focus area.”

Customer Success Matters to Stacey Because…

“Customer success is the difference between a super successful company and one that is not,” Stacey explained. “With a subscription business model, companies need to constantly win their customers or else their customers turn them off. If customer success isn’t handled well, customers will churn and high churn is the kiss of death for a SaaS company.”

Interested in attending the CS100 Summit and hearing from Stacey along with many others firsthand? Don’t miss out! Register to attend today:

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