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Creating Urgency for Customer Success Throughout the Lifecycle

When it comes to SaaS, keeping clients engaged and actively progressing through their “lifecycle” can sometimes be a challenge because calendars and to-dos are prone to abrupt change as the immediate often takes precedence over the milestone at hand. This means that even though your playbook may include best practices around relationship management and detailed methodologies for driving value throughout the lifecycle, you can fall off a client’s priority list. After all, their urgency centers around their issues, not yours.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation and wondered what your next step should be? This is an issue well-known in the world of customer success. Great Customer Success Managers (CSMs) address issues like “falling off a client’s priority list” head-on and immediately, establishing themselves as the customer advocate and problem-solver. Often referred to as the “quarterback of the customer relationship”, CSMs ensure that their clients move quickly through the lifecycle while maximizing customer value.

As a relatively recent newcomer to customer success, I’ve already found three things to be particularly useful in creating a solid game plan (and urgency) for success:

  1. setting deadlines
  2. providing a clear road map
  3. encouraging the relationship

I think it’s safe to say we all know we shouldn’t plan for an emergency in the middle of one, so why wait until we’re “falling off the priority list” to work through it? Winning companies plan ahead to foster teamwork, collaboration and chemistry with their clients. If a client understands the pace with which you’ll be moving throughout the lifecycle, the more likely they are to make you a priority.

Though speed limits are helpful, maps ultimately guide us to our final destinations. Same goes for customer success; in addition to the pace with which you’ll be moving, providing a road map allows a client to see where they’re headed. This can help them move forward towards a desired outcome.

Lastly, to keep communication transparent… encourage the relationship. Instead of insisting on status updates, offer help or provide valuable recommendations to the table when you connect. This approach increases the likelihood of action from busy people who have multiple, varying priorities.

As we say at ClientSuccess, “Success is the new Sales™”.


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